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  1. Canadian Boxers and Builder over the decades

    by on 07-03-2013 at 09:09 AM


    The above link includes 508
    names for the time being. Some
    of the obvious ones in this journey
    are legends such as George Dixon, Sam Langford and Jimmy McLarnin as well as George Chuvalo and Yvon Durelle.

    However, it also includes many Canadian amateur boxers and builders such as Asif Dar, Michael Strange, Billy Irwin, Willie deWit, Greg Johnson

    Updated 07-03-2013 at 09:20 AM by Zelley

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  2. A Boxer is Suspended in Moncton on June 15th.

    by on 07-03-2013 at 05:45 AM
    * In what could be described
    as a gong show, or a boxing
    nightmare where funds went
    missing from an emoty room,
    one boxer was upset that he was
    not paid. However, his immediate
    payback was to get suspended
    from boxing for a year.

    Now, the only coverage of this
    event was a local newspaper that
    published the details of the suspension without getting his side of the story.

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  3. We need a world governing body to implement some lineal rules!

    by on 06-24-2013 at 06:41 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Master View Post
    From what you are described about Broner’s indiscretions it seems the ref should have penalised Broner for it so he should be held accountable. We do not need rule upon rules, we just need them to be implemented.
    Remember the old saying about the dog's bark being worse than his bite? Sharpen his teeth and let them enforce or should I say implement those rules.

    by on 06-08-2013 at 09:30 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Zelley View Post
    KENNY LINDSAY, Eliminated early

    In any attempt to select boxers for special recognition, some get overlooked. One such case is former amateur and professional boxer KENNY LINDSAY. Although he was considered among fifty boxers
    and builders in the first stage of the BRITISH COLUMBIA AMATEUR BOXING HALL OF FAME
    he did not make the list of 14 to move forward in the selection and elimination process.

    Kenny was one of the original BC Golden Gloves Champions
  5. If Saddo members had the balls to post their photos.....

    by on 04-22-2013 at 12:55 AM
    EDIT: hidden board content not allowed in blog Mr Dboxer

    Updated 04-23-2013 at 11:29 AM by Saddo

  6. For those of us who enjoy charts & graphs....

    by on 03-25-2013 at 05:22 PM
  7. For those of us who enjoy charts & graphs....

    by on 03-25-2013 at 05:21 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by brocktonblockbust View Post
    this is getting ridiculous between Lyle and Kirkland. WTF YOu guys must be joking here
    EDIT: keep that shit in the hidden boards

    Updated 04-08-2013 at 11:25 PM by Saddo

  8. CANADIAN PROFESSIONAL BOXING - the here and now

    by on 03-02-2013 at 02:12 AM

    *In the year 2013, there is much
    potential for Canadian professional
    boxers to make a difference in the
    world of boxing.

    The above link, is the start of an
    attempt to list and preview many of players in the game today
    from the likes of an ADAM TRUPISH, to the early pro boxing
    years of a PAUL MACKENZIE, and many others stepping through the ropes in Canadian ...

    Updated 03-02-2013 at 02:46 AM by Zelley (add data)

    Tags: adam trupish
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  9. Chuck Wepner's knockdown of Muhammad Ali 1975

    by on 01-26-2013 at 11:01 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by THE PHILOSOPHER View Post
    Who gives a fuck. It's 2013. Chuck wepner LOL.
    Don't care? Don't post.

    There are little to no Heavies worth talking about much from today, does this bother you?
  10. Iron Mike Tyson vs. Wladimir Klitschko

    by on 11-25-2012 at 07:38 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by TitoFan View Post
    Forget it, Iam. Logic is lost on this guy. He's gone on record in the past saying Tyson would have no shot against Wlad. To suggest otherwise is heresy. You either believe that Wlad is the greatest ever... or you're a hater and probably a Tyson nuthugger.
    I didn't call him a Tyson nuthugger that was aimed at someone else but you guys are so great at attempting to make my points I'll just see myself out of this thread and leave the speculation of a hypothetical boxing match to the "experts ...
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