Hi guys,
Im from Germany and i want to start with Boxing. My goals are to loss some weight and get a better Body. My plan is 20 Miniuts of Training each Day before work. As morning Workout.
So now i have some Questions about which punching bag is the good for a appartment. I cant use a hanging one because of the House rules ....

So my idea was buy this one megaboxsack.com/standboxsack/

The site is in German so i translate the technical Informations

Height: 170 cm, Results Overall Length: ca.142 cm, Diameter: about 39cm, Diameter base: about 69cm
Filling: special foam. The weight is arround 140kg.

Is the Size and the weight ok? Im not sure 170cm is enough. I am 185 cm.

If the punching bag are not good can you give me some advise which kind of bag are better? because im really not a expert in this.

Which technics are good to learn at the start as a newcommer in Boxing? I have watch some Videos, but no idea where to start.

Would be really nice from you guys if you can help me to get a good training Plan. By the way if someone means the boxset I m about to buy isnt good pls recommend me a good one but explain to me why it's better, I have a budget of 180€.

Thank you guys on advance.

And sorry for bad english