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Thread: Why hasn't Kickboxing crossed over?

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    Default Why hasn't Kickboxing crossed over?

    Why hasn't Kickboxing crossed over to be a bigger impact like standard, stand-up boxing? Because they don't have an international star or a name of appeal like Joe Louis, Jack Johnson and Ali all had international appeal and favour.

    I'm watching this Enfusion shit and waiting on the Danny Dubois/ Richard Lartey fight on firstrowsports feed and while I am not turned off to totally turn this shit off, I'm not that enticed by it- It's just on the tele or laptop.

    It's just boxing with feet involved so why don't more people give a fuck and raise someone up. This is a little more palatable and action oriented than that UFC sissy shit with dudes rolling all over the ground. jmo....
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    Default Re: Why hasn't Kickboxing crossed over?

    More a case of it being gobbled up by boxing and rise of mma. Full contact Karate and PKA used to be massive in the 70's and early 80's with regular shows on ESPN and local networks and even Showtime. Everyone and their mother thought they knew Kung Fu and Karate from watching movies and tv shows growing up back then . 'Billy Jack' was GOAT . Their seemed to be a studio every few blocks depending where you grew up. Dudes like Dennis Alexio and Rick Roufus helped put it on the main stage and went on to turn to boxing with some success. Tons of boxers started out taking names with their feet before they boxed. Troy Dorsey, Vitali Klitschko, James Warring, little ol Chris Algieri, Matt Skelton on and on. Big and burly Randall Tex Cobb earned a black belt and was on the first ever professional Karate card in El Paso Tx. before Holmes ever thought of using his head as a speed bag. Watching some mma and you don't really see a lot of traditional stand up kicks used and it's a shame. Definitely more entertaining imo than the rolling around lemme tickle your cheeks and bend your arm stuff.

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    Default Re: Why hasn't Kickboxing crossed over?

    Kick boxing is big in the east and many of the top boxers from there started with it over there. Some top boxers like Klits, did it but money moves them to boxing.
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    Default Re: Why hasn't Kickboxing crossed over?

    Need Bigger ring
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