"Mikey Garcia vs. Danny Garcia in the works for Aug.31 on FOX PPV"

Now THIS would be a terrific fight... And if it's on Fox PPV, you can bet I'll be sitting there at the opening bell. Surprised Mikey still wants to hang around 147, but then again he had said he would. I guess this is the cue for the inevitable torrent of "Oh... woe is me... everybody's ducking Crawford. Why aren't the best fighting the best.... blah, blah, blah." I'll just sit back and enjoy the fight. Just happy there's such a profusion of talent at welter. Sooner or later they'll all fight each other, and we'll be enjoying great boxing for years to come.

Right off the bat, I'd have to favor Danny, although Mikey can never be counted out. Spence thoroughly dominated him... but that doesn't mean it'll translate equally to Danny. I'm just happy it isn't on DAZN.