Creating the perfect boxer with zero flaws

I think there is no "perfect" boxer ever, but some have come close. Examples include Floyd Mayweather and Muhammad Ali. Mayweather had a perfect record (if you don't count his first Castillo fight as a loss), but he lacked power, especially later in his career.

If you had to create the perfect boxer, which one would you choose for the following attributes?

This would be my ideal boxer made to perfection

Defense - Floyd Mayweather/Pernell Whittaker
Brutal knockout power - George Foreman, Earnie Shavers, Deontay Wilder
Head movement - Mike Tyson
Footwork - Muhammad Ali
Ring IQ - Ali
Lethal punch combos - Mike Tyson
Chin - Tyson Fury (who gets up after being knocked down by DEONTAY WILDER)?
Technique - Not sure, Ali was unorthodox but it worked for him, Mayweather has flawless technique
Speed - Manny Pacquiao

Feel free to add any attributes or factors relating to boxing