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Boxing Perspective: Is Pacquiao Looking Beyond Mosley Toward Marquez?

According to published reports, Golden Boy Promotions CEO, Richard Schaefer has gone on record as saying that Top Rank has made a formal, written offer for Juan Manuel Marquez to challenge Manny Pacquiao for his welterweight title on a date to be determined in October. Schaefer reportedly confirmed that the contract will only be valid if if Pacquiao defeats Shane Mosley.

The oddity of Schaefer releasing this information is that Marquez’s contract with Golden Boy expired at the end of February. According to reports, the Marquez camp has said that Golden Boy has continued to offer Marquez fights and they have even offered a new deal with the Mexican slugger.

Marquez has allegedly refused to sign any deal with Golden Boy yet, even though Marquez’s promotional deal with Golden Boy expired, the company still reportedly has the right to match any offer from another company until February 2012.

Marquez has stated in the recent interviews that he is not willing to sign with Golden Boy because he is holding out hope for a third fight with Pacquiao.

In the past, Top Rank Inc. has reportedly refused to make deals with Golden Boy Promotions due to their numerous lawsuits in recent years, including one over Pacquiao’s promotional rights.

Shane Mosley had to cut all ties with Golden Boy (including an ownership stake) reportedly in order to get the May 7 fight with Pacquiao.

According to statements reportedly made by Schaefer, it seems like Pacquiao and Top Rank have no interest in fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr, at least this year. “If they did, I am sure Top Rank would have had language in the offer saying this was the deal unless a Mayweather fight could be secured, but it doesn’t say that,” Schaefer was quoted as saying.

Top Rank has not discussed the existence of any such offer with any media outlet.

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