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Irish Boxer Michael Conlan Signs With Top Rank

The Irish pugilist made good on his promise by signing as a professional with Bob Arum’s promotional company, Top Rank.

Michael Conlan devastating quarter-final loss at the Rio Olypics against Russian fighter Vladimir Niktin sent him on a rampage against amateur boxing.

Conlan blamed the International Boxing Association (AIBA), the governing body that organizes amateur boxing, for the poor decision rendered by the judges in what he claimed was an overwhelming victory in his favor. After that fight, he vowed never to fight for the AIBA again.

What seems alarming in Conlan’s case is that the AIBA had abandoned for the Rio Olympics the punch-counting system that was at the helm of controversy and corruption allegations in past games.

The standard scoring used by professional was in effect in Rio along with the absence of headgear for the male fighters, which is a first since 1980. This was part of an effort by the AIBA to inject positive changes to the sport.

What’s worse is that the old scoring system, which is the punch-counting system, was developed after Roy Jones Jr. was infamously robbed of a gold medal by horrific judging in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

It seems that there is no clear solution, since all manners of judging are flawed for the AIBA.

If this trends continues, we will see an exodus of young, talented fighters leaving the AIBA for the professional ranks.

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