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Floyd Mayweather – Ricky Hatton: Vegas Boxing Press Conference Photos and Hatton Audio Interview

**With Slideshow and Audio Interview**
 Floyd Mayweather   Ricky Hatton: Vegas Boxing Press Conference Photos and Hatton Audio Interview
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At the MGM Grand Arena's Media Center in Las Vegas, press representatives from around the world gathered for the official press conference of Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather, along with the undercard contestants for the fightnight billed as 'Undefeated' On Saturday 8 December.

Led by event promoter, the "Golden Boy", Oscar de La Hoya, the event was relaxed and conducted in a professional manner.

At the top table was seated Robert Sturm, Wes Ferguson, Roger Mayweather, Leonard Ellerbe, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Gareth Williams, Billy Graham, Ray Hatton and Matthew Hatton.

The second table seated the undercard contestants: Team Lacy, Ponce de Leon, Freddy Roach, Peter Manfredo Jr...etc.

Outside the studio, crowds of fans had gathered hoping to catch a glimpse of the Hitman. Ricky, Team Hatton and the media laughed as each time the door was opened, the fans could just see enough through the gap to catch sight of the top table and began cheering and singing 'There's only one Ricky Hatton.....'

This happened numerous times - each occasion raising a laugh from those inside the room. The cheers were further supported by 'The Band' who had literally just stepped off the plane and gone straight to the press conference. They were allowed inside the room.

The speeches were mainly of thanks to participants in the event and giving credit to each boxer. All agreed that both boxers were outstanding in their own right and this superfight was destined to be a great fight - whatever the outcome.

Floyd's trainer and uncle, Roger Mayweather, gave a long speech about how great Floyd is and why he is going to win. The speech went on and on...people started to mumble around the room and those on top table started to laugh until finally he was prompted into finishing his speech and there were cheers from the audience.

Hatton trainer Billy Graham thanked Mayweather for giving Ricky the opportunity to win his belt and spoke of his utmost confidence in Hatton being the victor. "Go get a cigarette!" one of Mayweather's female fans shouted, to which Billy replied, "I'm going to get one in a minute!"

Matthew Hatton spoke of how proud he was to be fighting in Vegas.

The band played as Ricky took to the centre stage. He began by saying his dad Ray Hatton had said what he was going to say "So, thanks, dad!," he commented. Thanking a number of people, he then - with his usual wit - said "I'd like to thank Roger for shortening the winter!"

The room erupted in to laughter, including Floyd. He thanked the fans that had made their way across to Vegas and the many that would be descending on the city in the next 24 hours.

Mayweathers' female supporter was shouting out at Ricky, so he said "I want to know why you've got a louder microphone than me!" tapping his mike as he said it. Again, there was laughter around the room.

He said that he had no doubt this superfight would be a great fight whatever the outcome, and that he would be as aggressive as usual and that Mayweather would adopt his usual style, "...so you'd better make sure you've got some Red Bulls handy,!" Hatton remarked drily.

Mayweather asked the 'Band' to play when he got up. Prompting his family and friends, they sang "There's only one Mayweather."

His speech was short and respectful. He thanked a number of people, including Team Hatton.

After the formalities of the press conference were over, the two boxers were brought together for a head-to-head photo opportunity. Staring each other out, both men were nose-to-nose then there was a bit of pushing (I don't know who started that) but they were quickly separated to avoid any fighting 'pre-fight' !

SaddoBoxing joined media representatives after the press conference, as they asked the Hitman a few questions. He had just been asked about the face-off with Mayweather where there resulted in a bit of pushing between the two men, here’s what the Hitman had to say……..

**Warning Audio Stream Below Contains Strong Language**

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