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Blocks: some of this has already been covered with the various punches, but for the sake of summarization...
1) there are two blocks referred to as 'catches'. The first is catching a jab in the heel of an open rt glove and forcing the jab up and to the outside. The other is catching a right; when your opponent throws a right hook you roll your left shoulder forward a bit and "hook" the thumb of the right glove inside it, catch the opponent's right.
2) Elbow blocks are used aginst body punches. Against straight punches, keep the elbows in close, hands high, roll so that either elbow will block a straight punch.When defending against hooks to the body turn slightly to take the punch on the elbow or to turn slightly inside of the hook.
3) The shoulder block is merely turning the left shoulder to the right while putting the wt to the rt leg so as raise the sholder.

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Good informations, made me think for a minute, but its pretty clear.