CounterPunching: left hand counters v. the jab

This is long, I'll be brief.
1)By Blocking or cachingthe jab: on left lead catchhis punch in rt glove, at same time step left and jab.
*parry to outside position and hook the left to solar plexus.
*parry to outside and hook to the chin
*parry to inside and fire str left to chin
*parry to inside and hook the solar plexus
*parry to inside and uppercut to solar plexus.
*slip to outside and hookto the chin
*slip outside and hookto solar plexus
*slip to outside and drive str left to the chin.

At some point in the near future there will be a post with a plethora of possible counter punches after using the side step move. Also, these are the barest of ideas and suggestions; make sure and ask thehow where when and why questions. Upon request step-by-step explanations of each move will posted, and of course addto it.