Fundamental Blows and Blocks: The Jab

The jab is a feeler punch, a light easy blow that jars stings and annoys an opponent. An offensive or defensive weapon, it is used to create openings for other punches and to keep an opponent off balance. It is simple to execute, being no more that turning the left shoulder 1/4 turn to the right and forcibly driving the arm to full extension.
From your fundamental stance, turn 1/4 turn to the right, sharply, until the left shoulder reaches the center line of the body and drive the arm into complete extension. As the arm extends rotate the fist 1/4 turn inward; when the punch begins the thumb side is up, but when it lands the palm side is down. It should go out on a line, slightly above shoulder ht, and return on the same line. All force goes out from the body; the arm relaxes back, retracts, when the shoulder returns to its original position. The shoulder should be relaxed and ready at all times and this move practiced till long past being tired of it; that is the only way to fluidity, speed and power. Accuracy should be the objective as you continue to practice.
Two basic blocks:
1) The catch: simply, catch the jab in the palm of your right glove, ideally on the butt, or heel, of the hand. Do this in close- keep your right elbow to your ribs and don't reach out unless you like eating left hooks. Catch and simultaneously jab back as you pivot (on your left foot) to your left. Or force hisglove up andto the outside as soon as you catch it. (does that make sense or did I mis-word that?)
2) the parry: the easiest defense against the jab. When he leads a jab, use your right glove to swat it across your body to your left, exposing his left side to counters. A light easy move,all wrist the arm not involved at all. Strike his glove on the cuff, or wrist, section and above all wait and wait some more; literally slap the punch off your nose.