Post Your Training Logs

Thanks to Saddo sorting this out we now have a training logs section! Feel free to record your progress in this section. You can also monitor other members logs as they share a look into their daily grind, goals and diet with the rest of us.

Keep your threads limited to workout logs only!

The other rule is to be kind to others even if their ideas may be different than your own. This is a place to open up to others, be smart and read in between the lines and to share your own ideas. You may offer your comments but please show everyone here respect and leave your ego out of it.

If you have any questions regarding routines, how to write a workout log, or anything in general please DO NOT post it here, it will be deleted. Questions will be answered here:,50393.0.html or in the Ask the Trainer board.

You are free to post your workouts, and comment on others to your heart's content.

Thank you