CounterPunching: Left Hand Counters to Right Lead

Oops....Little problem with my connections over the last couple days. I learned that it is not enough to write the check to the phone people, and its not enough to put it in the envelope with a stamp on it. You must also drop it in the mailbox. Oh, and paying over the phone- instant pay does not mean instant return of service...Same format as before.
1)By Parrying;
*on str right lead, cross parry with your right and hook the left to his chin.
*cross parry and hook/uppercut the left to the abdomen.
2)By Slipping;
*slip to the inside and hook the left to the body
*slip to the inside and hook the left to the chin
*on str right lead slip to the outside and hook left to th liver
*slip to outside and cross left to the chin

These should draw some comment; I would suggest trying them on the bag or in front of a mirror, as that will give you an idea of how short the punches will be.

Here it is just the way it looked back then: