hooks, uppercuts and bodyshots!!!!!!!!

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as you may or may not kno... I am not a new comer to boxing... But i have had a few weeks off... Now jab is fine, right hand or cross fine but i cant seem to carry off the uppercuts!!!!!!!! The hooks im alright at still but need workin on and bodyshots... Well, there ...

Anyway, if anyone can give me a detailed, and very very detailed way to tell me how to pull of these shots succesfully i'll be very gratful, i.e best position to throw em from, best position to throw them in, how to move the rest of the body etc...

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best way is to go to your trainer and ask
cuz it is hard to put down in words
you could also watch alot af boxing on your telly and watch some training vids.

The left uppercut

i'm not a big fan of this punch for a variety of technical reasons, but it has it's place in the boxer's repertoire, should the opening present itself. But like i say, unless you're great, don't lead with this punch.
To begin, like with all other punches, the fist leads the punch. Drop your left fist so that it's almost level with the left biceps. As you drop the fist, it should be rotating outward so that the palm faces up. Don't stop the flow, but let the punch go sharply up to your imaginary target, for now, as you crisply torque your left hip in a clockwise manner.
Now, pay attention. What i say here is paramount to get optimum power in all left-hand uppercuts or hooks.!!! As the punch comes out you will begin to turn the heals of both feet in a clockwise fashion. As they turn, the rear heal should step down just as the punch lands. This will give absolute best power in left hook or uppercut.

The right uppercut

unless you’re great don’t lead with an uppercut and don’t throw an uppercut from the outside. In fact, don’t throw the uppercut until you’ve got the jab, hook and straight right down pat.
Like all other punches with power, that power comes from the hips, not the arm. Never forget that point.
Now lets start with the right uppercut. As with all punches, the fist leads the motion. From your stance, slightly drop your right hand to the approximate level of and in front of your right biceps. This should be accompanied by a clockwise rotation of your fist so that the palm is facing up. (it should feel like a tight windup). Now before you stop or set or do anything to interrupt the flow of the punch, sharply punch up as you torque your right hip in a counter-clockwise rotation. To see if you’re getting the proper torque and in fact to make the torque come easier, i’ve got a little trick for you, which was taught to me by my martial arts instructor 13 yrs. Ago. As you know by now, your rear foot should always be on the ball of your foot. With the rt. Uppercut only, as you punch, sharply skip the rt.foot forwards a few inches. Feel that power, and you keep great balance too.
Remember, bring that punch back faster than you put it out.
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thanks mate

anyone know where i can get trainin vids? Mike tyson ones... He is good at them type of shots right
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there are so many variations too. You can take a body hook movement and turn it to an uppercut (so that it ends up ripping up on a 45% angle) or the other way around too.you can start vertical and nearly land the blow horizontal on the temple like a hook,so if he moves out of range just follow the path of the target!

Its all down to movment of the opposition and your interuption of movment to folow them.

Try turning your back foot toes outwards and your heel in towards the impact with the hip twist behind it for added power with some of those types of shots.

The best uppercuts are for finishing the job.or a major sarting point for the finishing combo.

*the best way to finish a job is make the finisher an unseen shot.
And the best shot you can hide is the uppercut.

That is why the uppercut should be practiced as a discuised shot.

The uppercut is a shot for inside fighting and you have to imagine how you get there and the best option when your there.

For instance:

When a jab is retracting ,you slip and follow it in towards the outside elbow point with a leg bend and a lean or with the up and down movment of knee bends and shuffle in there.
This gives you the platform to launch off and get power into the shot or launch off and reposition.
If you can get into a square shouldered position and catch him in a front stance with his lead arm out (but spent) you can have your uppercut hidden from his view by his own arm movment;as his arm starts its move back out you come up under it. Switching stance there helps with the power and the hidden move ,but you can practice it without by just shuffling under and ripping up his centre line as he reacts.funny thing is a slight push to his right elbow with your left (as you slip under)has him instantly react by shoving against your glove , which creates the opening further for right uppercut with full hip twist and leg lift behind it as you move through.
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nice info mate... But u lost me, nah i got it
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nice info mate... But u lost me, nah i got it
im glad you could follow that . I couldnt, i was only bulls***ting.

Ahhh ha so its you who cool clicking me! "what i ever done wrong to you eh"! Common tell me ' ahh doesnt a matta,you do what ya think best.

On a more serious note:
If you or them are in the opposite stance or your heading under the other side ;it works the reverse too . Practice both ways, practice everything you do both ways.
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i read your advice on uppercuts. Good stuff. I have one question though. Did you mean to say turn on the heel or the ball of the left foot(orthodox)
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i read your advice on uppercuts. Good stuff. I have one question though. Did you mean to say turn on the heel or the ball of the left foot(orthodox)
its more for added power on a hook, but you can do it on a 45% angle upper cut which can be a mixture.. (hookish endiing to the uppercut) .(you have to understand your swapping some extra power for a slight shift ; you are opening up the outside of your head slightly more,and your relying on the your shot being in between your head and his reply with his strong side; its a slight trade off ,you have to be alert about that.

You actually turn your back foot so the heel slides in,your on the ball and the heel slides around and in.(it puts a real crack onto the end of it with body weight shift).

Orthodox say with a left hook off the lead,the right heel swings in ,so you end up with your rear foot nearly facing the wrong way around. *that foot placement can be utilized for a duck and escape or repostition too, you only have to swivel it back and adjust the front foot if want to remain right in the mix.
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wow that was ome dynomite advice. Thanks. I'm going to practice it at the gym. $
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i'd practice it on the bag first mate.
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i wasn't even gonna touch the bag until i got the form down while just standing in place. Then once i feel right i would move to the bag.
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ahh its ok, tie the bottom of the bag up at the back so its like someone leaning forward and use it for distanceand feel. Just cause something is named heavy bag doesnt mean you have to punch its balls off
good idea though, get the moves down first.