CounterPunching: The Side-Step and Drop-Shift

This will be a summary of some counters available for use against a str right or left jab lead, using left and right counters
1)Left Hand Counter v Left jab
*side-step to outside position, hook left to the chi
*side-step to outside and hook to solar plexus
*from the outside shoott a str left to the chin
2)Right Hand v. Left lead
*side step to outside and cross the right to the chin
*side step to outside and drive str right to the heart
*side step to the out side and throw right upper to the chin
3)Left Hand Counters v Right Lead:
*side step to the inside position and throw a str left to chin
(see below; "drop-shift")
4)Right Hand Counters v Right Lead
*side step to the outside and hook or upper cut the right to body or chin

If side stepping to the outside (vs. a left) you have an option, in that once you step to your right with the right foot, you can pivot back to a fundamental stance to throw the punches described. Or you can throw the punch from a southpaw stance; the key there is timing. You want to throw, for example, the str left just as your wt goes onto the right leg, bringing the left up so you can come back to your beginning position. To throw the right you'll want to bring the left foot up to recieve the body wt as you punch.
The DROPSHIFT is essentially what you'll use to sidestep to the inside on any lead, or to the out side vs. a right lead. When I first read the description of this move I felt it was suicidal, but then I saw Benny Leonard do it on a short clip of tape and re-evaluated its merit. I, alas, was too old to learn a new trick but the very first boxer I ever trained mastered it fairly easily. It offers tremendous opportunity for countering and for countering hard.
You know where to start...As he leads a str left slide your left foot back 6" and simultaneously step forward a full step with the right foot, shifting the body forward to avoid the lead. Foot positions are now reversed. Combined with the str left; as the wt is shifted onto the right leg shoot the left much as if it were a str right. You'll give yourself longer arms with the foot shift and lots of power that will be unexpected. This move isn't all that hard if you remember to duck the punch coming at you. The timing must be very tight. If you choose to step to the side with the right foot hook the left and gain a lot of pop in the punch due to the weight transfer- experiment a moment and you'll feel what I'm referring to and know where it is.