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You didn't answer the questions ,
1. why did the black people let white people take over south Africa ?
The answer is very obvious and I'll answer it on one word


Marco Polo brought it back to Europe and whites started using it to kill people with.

For most of history northern European whites military tactic was to grease themselves in rancid bear fat with cow and goat butter used in their hair. they were inept and disorganized warriors who got their heads handed to them by the Roman legions at every encounter. Their military strategy consisted of screaming, yelling, shouting, and charging head-on into the Roman archers and phalanx.

It was only after centuries of being defeated and later trained by Romans that the N.European barbarians became more efficient and then gunpowder changed the game because that allowed Europeans to kill people from a distance.

And even having a technological edge does not ensure victory, Americans had the technological edge in Vietnam but still got their asses kicked and that was the inspiration for the white
supremacy "Rambo"

A white man running around the jungle, using nature, alongside technology to give kill ppl

But this is the difference; European whites have got something going for them that other people don't have going for them to the same extent.

Whites love to kill

In Africa, they generally kill for food. In Europe, they kill for sport.

You have white supremacist who majored in physics and what does he do ?

He think's "well if I cut an an atom in half, which in turn cuts other atoms in half and so on. I can make a nuclear bomb that would kill thousands and thousands"

Who thinks like that ? Fking crazy. The white supremacist thinks like that,

I've watched white people; when I was a kid, on a farm my dad used to take me. When they'd shoot something, they just go crazy, like they were really getting their kicks.
But nothing on the black poachers huh big D