Which fighters do you think get the least amount of respect compared to their skills and resume?

Usyk: The discussion has been had before here. I know that everyone thinks that he is good, but I basically think he is a cruiserweight Loma. He is so technically sound and is easily a top tier fighter now. Honestly, he is a dark horse #1 p4p guy to me (I remember I said the same thing about Crawford years back before he was that highly respected).

Berchelt: I feel as if Davis is always the main guy people talk about at that weight. Berchelt has beaten solid competition and has looked very impressive. He has even called out multiple fighters to no avail. I feel like he is just completely avoided. No one around that weight ever even mentions his name. I feel like fans or the media don’t talk about him much at all.

Juan Francisco Estrada: He is the best at his weight and his resume speaks for itself. He has fought tough competition throughout his career. I think it’s rare for someone at such a light weight to have such tough competition. He is a proven p4p fighter that doesn’t usually get that kind of respect.

Leo Santa Cruz: Santa Cruz has fought good competition and has beaten everyone he has fought. I understand that he isn’t the best fighter in the world, but IMO he is very overlooked by the general boxing media and fans. He has called out big names fighters and many won’t fight him.