Dunno who saw this, dunno if anyone cares, but what a deluded fucking idiot.
So a guy who has never beaten a top 10 Boxer can have a rant because Prograis and Taylor, both World Champions, and both at the top of their division are fighting on “HIS” bill and stealing the limelight.
I don’t blame Chisora, do you know who I blame ? ALL OF YOU CUNTS, AND ME!
We let the journeyman feel like he’s ppv worthy and some of you will even buy his shows. Why? Oh because him and Dillian Whyte had a “right old tear up!”. They’re BOTH fucking pub fighters!
Ok they had a good scrap, but very low on quality, does that make them ppv?
Back in the day, this would be an undercard “filler” , a bit of a fun fight.
Standards for what is ppv worthy in the U.K. have dropped way too low and now there’s no going back.
Cheeky fucker wants MORE Money because he’s insulted ffs.
I really don’t know what else to say.