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I don’t think many will deny there are racial problems in the US. There is plenty of room for improvement in many systems here. Having said that 19 unarmed white people were shot by the cops last year, 9 blacks. I can’t think of anyone who defended the actions of psycho cop and his crew. There is something odd going on though. A week ago it was unpatriotic to go outside and risk spreading the virus according to the NYT. Now they are singing a different tune. Something beyond the norm is up. We should all just shut up and smoke our legal weed
Then you have Beanz saying why doesn't Trump say black lives matter? They want it to be racial. I happen to think all lives matter and like you point out it goes under the radar when it is particular groups. Same in the UK. Beanz is obsessed with Nazi's, but you have 19000 kids a year raped by gangs of minorities and you are a problem if you speak out and say this is way out of proportion considering the demographics of these groups. Surely people can see that when a minority group carries out the majority of violent crime, then you cannot plead racism indefinitely. There comes a point when a group has to say 'We have a problem and we are part of the problem too'.

All this race, race, race, and blame Trump. What has Trump got to do with it?