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I had a Covid test yesterday. Negative but i still feel like shit, and i am due to have my first Vaccine shot on Wednesday.
Dont do it. Just boost your system with zinc and vitamins/minerals.

No disrespect, but seriously get the fuck out of here with pseudo-scientific gobbldeegook.

I live with the reality of dealing with an auto-immune disease every day. You can not boost your immune system and in my case if i could, it would be catastrophic for me. Already i have to deal with the consequences of my immune system attacking healthy tissue and that is quite enough to deal with thank you. I don't use NSAIDS or Steroids or any other Pharmaceutical interventions but i am not gullible enough to believe that my body is able to prime itself to recognize a particularly nasty and novel virus without a vaccine.

The evidence of it's efficiency in both stopping serious symptoms that could land you in ICU and in reducing transmission is overwhelming.

Just doing the opposite of what is suggested is not an example of thinking for yourself.
Vitamins and minerals are scientific gobbldeegook now? Yes, avoid calcium and the minerals that help you absorb it and then let me know how many teeth you have in a few years. Of course the health benefits of vitamins and minerals is not gobbledeegook.

Brock is right in that a healthy lifestyle is one way to significantly reduce the chances of being impacted by Covid. It is no guarantee, but to be deficient in key vitamins and nutrients means you have less chance of being able to fight off anything.

"Vitamin C, the biggest con trick in town" said the scurvy lovers as their immune systems collapsed all around them.