Wilder has now said his journey to the location of the bout caused problems for him.

As normal, the Bronze Bomber trained in his home country.

However, Parker trains with Andy Lee, often alongside Tyson Fury, and so did much of his camp in the UK.

Therefore, Wilder has claimed his opponent had an advantage in the fact that he did not have to travel as far to get to Riyadh.

“It was a boring fight, nothing really happened," Wilder told ESNews.

"I went right back to training the next day.

"He really didn't do nothing, they just went off the little flurries or whatever.

"In the training for that I had to travel two times, 20 hours of travelling.

"And those guys were already in Europe, they were only two or three hours away.

"I'm not complaining, I'm just saying what I had to go through.”

Wilder went on to add: "Camp-wise, we were prepared for everything.

"Sparring went well, we didn't get enough sparring that we wanted to get in with the time period that we had but we got some good sparring in.

"And the sessions that we got in, they were good sessions but when I got into the actual ring it was a little hard for me to pull the trigger as people saw.

"My timing was very off, I would come back to the ring and be like, 'Damn, why can't I pull the trigger? What the f***?'

"I had those moments but it's okay. I'm glad I got to experience a lot of things that's it in boxing.

"A lot of things I had to go through that I never thought I'd have to experience in life. But sometimes it's like that."