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Former World Lightweight Champ Paul Spadafora Ready For Comeback

By Ginamarie Russo August 10th, 2012 All Boxing Articles

Paul Spadafora (45-0-1, 19KO) is finally making a comeback to the ring after a two year absence.

The Pittsburgh Kid will be facing Wilfredo Negron (26-16-1, 19KO) of San Juan, Puerto Rico on August 18th in West Virginia.

The Undefeated Spadafora has been busy and focused. Most of his time this year was concentrated on attaining sobriety and achieving top physical form.

Spadafora is currently training under his original coach, Tommy Yankello of World Class Gym in Pittsburgh. Spadafora's training camp is also under the watch of trainer Mike Rodriguez.

The solid training between Miami Beach with Buddy McGirt to the Northeast over the course of seven months has helped the Southpaw maintain his determination to continue boxing.

Roy Jones Jr Promotions in association with TNT Productions will be promoting this anticipating Main Event between the two junior welterweights that will take place at at Mountaineer Casino, Race Track & Resort in Chester, West Virginia on Saturday, August 18th.

Exclusive Interview: Paul Spadafora

By Ginamarie Russo March 30th, 2012 All Boxing Interviews

PaulSpadafora1 Exclusive Interview: Paul Spadafora

A particular junior welterweight who has been notably absent to the division, has his sights set on a come back.

Paul Spadafora (45-0, 19 KO) is currently training in Miami, FL alongside Buddy McGirt. He also made an extremely positive choice in his life; Spadafora is in a treatment center for alcohol and substance abuse.

SaddoBoxing: How is training? And when are you fighting?

Paul Spadafora: Training is so great right now. I'm in Miami now, training with Buddy McGirt. My managers told me to start preparing and be ready to fight in 10-12 weeks. More...

Exclusive Interview With Sechew Powell

By Ginamarie Russo May 11th, 2011 All Boxing Interviews

Don't Miss ABC News' Spotlight On Ginamarie Russo Coming Next Month!

 SechewPowellGR1 Exclusive Interview With Sechew Powell I recently had a chance to catch up with Brooklynite, Sechew Powell, 26-2 (15KO), at Trinity Boxing in NYC. Ironically, Powell was born in the same part of Brooklyn, known as Brownsville, as my father was born in.

Powell says that the neighborhood's culture has changed since then, "When your father was there, it used to be mostly Italian immigrants." Now it is an ethnically dense part of the borough. But that's not the only similarity between the two; my father Jack also boxed as an amateur.

Now Powell resides in a different neighborhood these days, yet loyally living in Brooklyn. I gave Powell the opportunity to be featured on my interview segment that will be airing on the ABC news network, the first week of June.

The inside look focuses on my knuckle replacement surgery done by Dr Charles Melone, my life in the entertainment industry, and my involvement with boxing. Cameras followed him and I as we freely discussed his career.

Powell is very enthralled in his training. Although the producers requested that he continue to workout (it was his second workout of the day), Powell was nothing short of energetic and gracious.

As I observed him, I noticed he is not distracted by the crowded gym and he can hold a conversation with me quite perfectly as he hit the speedbag, shadow boxed and jump roped effortlessly. I was more than pleased that my choice to feature a boxer was the soft spoken Mr. Powell, especially after learning of exciting news. More...

Boxing Spotlight: “Knockouts” Host Holiday Benefit

By Ginamarie Russo December 15th, 2010 All Boxing Articles

Whenever you can add positivity through your passion, do it. And that is what Knockouts For Girls are doing.

This non profit organization, in which myself and my twin Annamarie are apart of, is West coast based and co-founded by president Pattianna Harootian.

Us 'Knockouts,' help troubled, abused or unfortunate children find happiness and peace through an array of boxing and educational programs, as well as benefit events.

'Tis the season to be jolly, and so Knockouts for Girls will be hosting a holiday benefit this Friday night, December 17 in Los Angeles, CA.

There will be a Christmas list from the children of the local Hillsides Foster Home in which gifts will be available for purchase from online.

"Eat, drink and be merry" while making this holiday season a special one for those children in need of happiness.

There will also be a special screening of the touching documentary "Girl in The Ring" by fellow Knockout, and boxer, Jill Morley. More...

Boxing Perspective: Joelo Torres

By Ginamarie Russo April 5th, 2010 All Boxing Interviews

With persistence, drive and determination, Joelo Torres, 11-1 (7), has crept up the ladder in boxing. This junior welterweight had earned an eight round main event fight last Wednesday, March 31st at DiBella Entertainment's Broadway Boxing in New York City, where Torres has a large fan base.

Torres, the favorite of the night, was up against Leo Martinez, 15-12 (7). For the first round Torres had it, then lost it somewhere in the rounds to follow.

Martinez was restless while Torres was showing obvious signs of fatigue. Torres was ultimately knocked out in the eighth round.

I visited Torres shortly afterward at St. Vincents Hospital where he was to be examined. The following day, I spoke with his manager Ricardo Figueroa.

Figueroa expressed massive concern about his boxer's safety, even at the weigh in. "Joelo had to lose eight pounds to make weight and still had to pay $2000 for that pound he was over," he said.

When asked about why the fight took a turn against Torres, Figueroa states, "As a fighter, you can't stay in a comfort zone. Skills can only get you so far, you have to train hard no matter how good you are. Joelo could have trained harder. I know what my kid can do. He has a lot of heart. He thought he was ready, but he was done after the first or so round."

Figueroa further explains, "Martinez obviously trained, he was conditioned, but he's a sloppy fighter. We want Leo Martinez again. We are going to have our second chance with him because we know Joelo can beat him. He will be back stronger and better than ever. He learned a lesson." Joelo Torres lives on determination and courage in the ring. He pushes himself and strives towards greatness. Sometimes you can not tell how deep the water is until you take a step. It can only help to pick up a lesson on the way to the top.

Exclusive Boxing Interview: Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin

By Ginamarie Russo February 6th, 2010 All Boxing Interviews

 peteyquillin1 Exclusive Boxing Interview: Peter Kid Chocolate QuillinUndefeated Petey "Kid Chocolate" Quillin, 20-0 (15), is finally stepping into the ring tonight at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ as the co-main event to the headliner of Tomasz Adamek vs. Jason Estrada, going against Fernando Zuniga 28-9 (20).

Quillin last fought in September, 2008 against Sam Hill. It's been over a year since the 26 year old Brooklyn resident has been in the ring because he has encountered some unexpected setbacks beyond his control.

Tonight Quillin, who usually walks around during his grace periods at his fight weight, is more than prepared for a ten round bout, which takes place at a catchweight of 164 lbs.

"Kid Chocolate" will be throwing chocolate kisses to the crowd after his fight. Let's see if he can make the sweet science even sweeter.

SaddoBoxing: You sound in good spirits! You are back from training camp in Ohio, how was the sparring?

Peter Quillin: I sparred here in New York before I left so it really prepared me. Its always good! More...

Boxing Perspective: Juan Diaz And Paulie Malignaggi Reloaded

By Ginamarie Russo December 10th, 2009 All Boxing Articles

Observing Paulie Malignaggi's and Juan Diaz's first fight together this past August, I took heavy notice of the clash of their styles.

Malignaggi is faster, he reminds me of a spider cricket; hard to catch. Diaz packs a heavier punch. Malignaggi is punching twice the rate, thus could be equivalent to a power punch or just more precise. Although regarded as an elite lightweight, Diaz was obviously not prepared for the fight and it showed.

Malignaggi completely dominated the majority of the rounds and proved to be a test for Diaz. Could Diaz's performance against Juan Manuel Marquez be comparable to his style against the Magic Man? What has he not changed and why did he not adjust his technique? Juan Diaz got a wake up call against Malignaggi, let's see on Saturday in Chicago if he answers it.

Malignaggi was in tune for the match and well aware he needed an adjustment from his former trainer after he barely showed and projected any skill against Ricky Hatton. He was very focused when it was time to go up against the Baby Bull. Now perhaps Diaz has smartened up and will bring a sharp tactic to the ring. He's got it, he has to prove it this time around. He has to develop his ploys for this Saturday night.

Diaz needs to bring back his concentration in the ring. He is able to do it outside the ring -- furthering his priceless higher education and going onto law school. Not to mention he has been portrayed as being little affected towards critics and his opponent after the highly controversial decision in Houston. He's been handling verbal attacks with a classy and calm demeanor. However, it matters inside the lions den.

If Diaz wins by decision in the rematch, in hopes the judges do their jobs, it's safe to say that Malignaggi was the best example Diaz could ever learn from in his boxing career thus far. More...

Boxing Perspective: Miguel Cotto – A Statue Slowly Getting Nicked

By Ginamarie Russo December 7th, 2009 All Boxing Articles

Miguel Cotto is a proven warrior. He has been more judged by his wins than his losses. He has started out as a stone statue, barely being disturbed by many impressive agile boxers.

Manny Pacquaio has nicked that statue. Pacquaio gets through his fights by determination. His faith in his skill has catapulted him into a boxer that is becoming more rare as time goes on.

His losses have not defined him. He has risen above the average level and found his prime. Has Pacquiao been overlooked at the start of his career until now?

Cotto has been regarded as unbeatable, tough, strong, unwilling to mask his aggression. Pacquiao's victory over such an incredible fighter has undoubtedly validated his talent as a phenomena.

Those who are questioning Pacquiao's integrity, worry about your own.

Exclusive Boxing Interview: Francisco “El Gato” Figueroa

By Ginamarie Russo November 18th, 2009 All Boxing Interviews

The Bronx's Francisco "El Gato" Figueroa "can't stop, won't stop." He is on his journey to greatness and is paving the road with vigorous training, concentration and his fitness program.

Currently at 20-3-1 (13), Mr. Figueroa always had a positive, happy-go-lucky attitude growing up. Even getting questionably sent home from Miguel Cotto's training camp, EL Gato rises above.

SaddoBoxing: You were Miguel Cotto's sparring partner in preparation for his fight against Manny Pacquiao. How was your experience? And did you sense any problems?

Francisco Figueroa: "Cotto and my personalities don't mix. There was a personality clash. We didn't say too much to each other. It was never a "hi, bye" sort of thing. I was doing everything asked of me as a sparring partner. I was near, so close, to Manny Pacquiao's moves and angles. I push myself, and am competitive. I am self motivated, so even at 180 lb, which I was at during his camp, I stayed competitive. I have never had a complaint before. And I sparred with Sugar Shane, Arturo Gatti, Ricky Hatton, Andre Berto. I'm a sparring partner, but I'm a boxer first."

SB: You had Pacquiao winning. What did you observe about Cotto during his fight against Pacquiao?

FF: "Yes, I did have Pacquiao winning. Then when I was watching the fight, the first two rounds were all Cotto, he had them. He also had the weight advantage. I thought, maybe he fooled me." More...

Exclusive Boxing Interview: Jennifer “The Razor” Barber

By Ginamarie Russo October 21st, 2009 All Boxing Interviews

Jennifer1 Exclusive Boxing Interview: Jennifer The Razor BarberNABF Female Featherweight Champion Jennifer "The Razor Barber" will be facing Gloria Ramirez at the Irvine Marriott in Irvine, California on October 29.

This co-main event six-rounder will not be a defense for her title, but it will give Barber a tough competitor.

Ironically, a few months ago, Barber had foreseen the addition of women's boxing to the Olympics as a major stepping stone to gain more recognition and respect among the sport. This year it was decided that women's boxing will take place in the 2012 Olympics.

SaddoBoxing: How is your preparation and training going for your bout with Gloria Ramirez?

Jennifer Barber: It's been good. I've been sparring nine rounds for three minutes, so training has definitely been stepped up.

SB: How are your sparring partners?

JB: They're good. Good for training. I've been mostly sparring with amateur boxers. Also, Mia St. John too. More...

Exclusive Boxing Interview: Joelo Torres

By Ginamarie Russo September 3rd, 2009 All Boxing Interviews

Joelo Torres was the co-main event last week on DiBella Entertainment's "Broadway Boxing" show at BB Kings in Manhattan and he graciously spoke afterward in an exclusive interview with SaddoBoxing.

He was originally billed as the main event, but the fight with David Armstrong fell through so Torres, 11-0-1 (7), faced Washington Hago 5-4 (3), and won by knockout in just the first round.

SaddoBoxing: First off, very impressive win Joelo! I know they changed your opponent last minute, how did you deal with that?

Joelo Torres: Thank you. I always train hard. Since the fight fell through, my manager Ricardo Figueroa found an opponent who stepped up to fight. I trained for a tougher fight, and so against Hago, I knew it was going to end early. I studied him a bit in the first round, then I took care of him!

SB: So your next fight is on a triple header bill, also featuring Kermit Cintron and Carlos Quintana?

JT: Yes, if all goes accordingly. It will be October 24 in Puerto Rico. I will be fighting eight rounds. More...

Exclusive Boxing Interview: Juan Manuel Lopez

By Ginamarie Russo September 2nd, 2009 All Boxing Interviews

WBO super bantamweight champion Juan Manuel Lopez, 26-0 (24), came out to DiBella Entertainment's Broadway Boxing last Wednesday night and generously took the time to speak with SaddoBoxing.

From Caguas, Puerto Rico, the 26 year old southpaw will be defending his belt the fifth time on October 10 at Madison Square Garden, meeting the challenge of Rogers Mtagwa 26-12-2 (18).

SaddoBoxing: You are approaching your fifth title defense in October. How is the preparation going?

Juan Manuel Lopez: I've been training in Puerto Rico. I run at night because the fight usually takes place later on in the evening. And I box midday through the afternoon.

SB: That's the physical aspect; how do you mentally prepare?

JML: Well, to me it is just another day in the office. Training hard keeps me focused. More...

Exclusive Boxing Interview: Eddie Irizarry

By Ginamarie Russo August 28th, 2009 All Boxing Interviews

The bantamweight division has an upcoming force who proved to be competition on Wednesday night at DiBella Entertainment's Broadway Boxing in New York City.

Eddie Irizarry produced an exciting win over Felix Flores in a six rounder, setting his record to 7-1-(2). Flores was down in the first couple rounds, and Irrizary fought hard to ensure victory.

Irizarry won the 2004 Golden Gloves and has a dream of becoming a champion. This Bronx native credits boxing with saving his life.

SaddoBoxing: How was training for this bout?

Eddie Irizarry: Training was great. I focused a lot on left handed sparring because of Felix Flores. I sparred 30 rounds with left handed guys from Gleason's Gym.

SB: How is the competition in the bantamweight class?

EI: Well, weight is never an issue for me, so I am always ready. I am always focused and effective with training. There is competition, but like I said I am ready for the challenge. More...

Exclusive Boxing Interview: Joelo Torres

By Ginamarie Russo August 25th, 2009 All Boxing Interviews

 RF21 Exclusive Boxing Interview: Joelo TorresFighting out of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, undefeated light welterweight Joelo Torres, 10-0 (6), will be facing David Armstrong, 20-11 (12), on DiBella Entertainment's Broadway Boxing series at B.B King's in Manhattan on August 26th.

Torres has fought such opponents as Mike Gonzalez and Christopher Fernandez, and won his last fight against Omar Serrano by way of knockout in just the first round.

Torres is ready to take on Armstrong in an eight round main event. SaddoBoxing spoke with him and his manager Ricardo Figueroa of Real Fighters.

SaddoBoxing: You are facing David Armstrong Wednesday night; how have you been preparing to fight him and are you familiar with his style?

Joelo Torres: I am comfortable fighting him, even that he is a right handed fighter.

Ricardo Figueroa: Joelo's a complete fighter, we feel confident against his style.

SB: How has training camp been in Puerto Rico?

JT: I have the same approach and am progressing with my trainer Uri Ramos. The regime is tougher and the intensity is increased. I've been concentrating on technique, in-fighting, to pick apart my opponent. During training, I focused on technique such as slipping. More...

Exclusive Boxing Interview: Peter ‘Kid Chocolate’ Quillin

By Ginamarie Russo August 7th, 2009 All Boxing Interviews

Peter KidChocolate Quillin1 Exclusive Boxing Interview: Peter Kid Chocolate QuillinSince turning pro in June, 2005, middleweight Peter Quillin has confidently pounded his way to a superb 20-0 (15) record. Over the last 16 months, the Brooklyn based "Kid Chocolate" has defeated the likes of former world title challenger Antwun Echols, Colombian bomber Dionisio Miranda and most recently, rugged battler Sam Hill.

The 26 year old contender will now face seasoned Indianapolis veteran Jose "Seek and Destroy" Spearman, 27-15-5 (11), at the M2 Ultra Lounge in New York, NY on August 19. SaddoBoxing had the good fortune to interview Peter about his upcoming bout, coming back from injury and much more.

SaddoBoxing: You are facing Jose Spearman on August 19th at M2 Ultra Lounge. In terms of being a test or a challenge, what does your opponent offer you?

Peter Quillin: "Well, he's got some losses and I'm undefeated, but I know that one punch could change the fight. I don't overlook that, regardless who my opponent is. I always do the best I can".

SB: You experienced a hand injury during your last fight. How is the hand now?

PQ: "The surgery was done by Dr. Melone and it is 100%. I broke it during my last fight, and still stopped my opponent, Sam Hill, in the 10th round, and he was known to be a survivor in the ring. My hand is healed, it's great, its 100%". More...

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