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Well the Sargon of Akkad channel has 957K+ subscribers and his secondary channel The Thinkery has 413K+ subscribers of which I'm sure there is much overlap. The entire Jess Phillips deal and the disingenuous nature in which the media have covered it looks extraordinarily bad if you actually know anything about how things went down.

Jess Phillips' initial response to the comment was nothing, she wasn't bothered AT ALL (even by her own admission) to double back and now claim offense from the offset looks a bit like simulation at this point and is surely a sign of her falling in the polls.

The BBC just look like absolute partisan idiots. It doesn't take much time to dig into this issue and understand everything about it. You wonder "How can the OK hand sign be turned into a white supremacy symbol?" and this is no different. Carl Benjamin pulls a typical trolling technique in order to get attention, the mob of the perpetually outraged takes the bait (because ALWAYS) and then Carl Benjamin gets a platform in the minds of those folks and hopefully he sets a few free with calm reasoned logic....but I suppose that will be deemed racist any day now as well.

All Jess Phillips, all the BBC had to do in order to NOT "feed the troll" was to take the comment for what it literally was and then no power is given to Carl Benjamin, his words have no weight, and he doesn't give a political push to UKIP. If someone tells you "I wouldn't even rape you".....the correct response is to say either nothing at all or comment on how weird of a thing it is to say and appreciate the fact that physical violence and sexual assault would NOT be visited upon you by that person instead of twisting the words to stay as the victim.

Carl is seemingly doing quite well in his tour. He's certainly seemed to catch everyone else flatfooted and people are not indifferent to him which bodes quite well for his numbers. Meanwhile you've got members of other political parties saying it's "totalitarianism" to follow through on Brexit.....WOW...that should have people violently up in arms, your vote as the people (whether you individually voted Brexit or Remain) has been dismissed by the powers that be, that can't feel good. I mean sure I've disliked votes on Obamacare and the like, but votes matter and when the government refuses action on votes that have been held that's leading down the road of totalitarianism meaning the government decides on it's own even if it's against the will of the people....scary road that road.

There should be nonstop marches and protest in favor of Brexit, but governments always seem less likely to divert course when the people they're impacting are busy working their jobs and providing for their families. The Antifa types are always unemployed, in school, or not useful at all in the workforce ergo they have all the time in the world to protest and cause a ruckus and the government will bend the knee to those assholes. It has to be very demoralizing.
I really do not want to offend you but I think it would be quite disingenuous to not disavow you of the many myths that make up a large part of your post. It may be incredibly difficult for you to ever contemplate it but yourself, Gandalf, and Carl's followers and apologists, really are the perpetually outraged that you seem to think anybody not agreeing with you all are.

Think about it. You are all not only perpetually outraged, but you actually actively seek out and provoke people in order to justify that outrage. I am not saying you are angry or off your head or mentally ill or constantly walking around with a chip on your shoulder but yourself and Gaydalf do repeatedly start threads expressing that outrage. The way you have framed the entire 'Rape Joke' situation is instructive too. Carl or Tarragon or whatever his name is, at this point in time is most certainly not an elected politician. Everything does not come down to a popularity contest and the very same contempt you are and have constantly and repeatedly show the British electorate with your eagerness to see American interests, and those of the deep state and corporate elites served by fermenting and encouraging violence, and the breakdown of order, to satisfy some weird desire to undo decades of peace and cooperation between Britain and Europe is an expression of that false outrage. Think again about why yourself and Gandalf, neither of whom live or will be affected by Brexit are the biggest advocates of the most extreme and unreasonable version of it.

You are indeed both addicted to outrage. Carl obviously is. It is his modus operandi. Do you not think it strange when you and Carl speak about Free speech it is in a way that cheapens and makes the concept worthless? What you are both suggesting is not free speech but the opposite. The shutting down of people's right to reply. Not only that but you are telling people what they should feel. You are not the one being told by people that they hope you are killed by someone pouring molten lava in your vagina. So it is quite hilarious when you then suggest that not only was Carl trolling and encouraging his followers to pile it on, but that you are supposedly in a position to tell someone what 'The correct response ' is. What it really is about is not taking personal responsibility. Carl refuses to apologise and so he has no choice but to pretend that somehow he is the victim in all this.

Carl is quite clearly a cunt and deserves a lot more than a cup of milkshake over his head but in order to twist reality and make him the victim you have to lie and use the same tactics as the perpetually outraged people you think you are so different from do.

The kind of Brexit you want would be incredibly harmful to the average working man and woman in the UK. Gandalf wants this, as does Farage and his sponsor the insurance tycoon Banks. Those pushing for a WTO Brexit want to kneecap Britain. Just like the clueless Americans who supplied money and arms to the IRA and then pretended to be anti-terrorist, you are making the mistake of thinking that to remove the yoke of tyranny you need to use the same violence that extremists the world over from rabid Islamists to Aerican business men intent on maintaining wars in the middle east in the name of profit.

Go and have a look in the Brexit thread and tell me that Yanis idea is not more rational and just.

Tommy is supported (financially and organizationally) by the American Daniel Pipes and The Middle East Forum. I said this years ago but it is worth repeating. This is what Pipes said about Syria

'Western powers should guide enemies to stalemate by helping whichever side is losing, so as to prolong the conflict'

So when you lie and insist that to be antifascist one must be unemployed and not useful in the workforce you let slip your true feelings about expressions of democracy. It is not shocking coming from AL but for you to suggest that anybody who marches against a government bent on removing their human rights and heritage, must have nothing better to do, is a bit worrying.

I hope you can see one day that Tommy does not speak for the majority of Brits, not even the majority of pro-Brexit voters and the Benjamin is a nasty divisive ignorant fool not worthy of a fraction of a fart.

I was mentioned why ?
Because in this very thread you insisted that any protesting must be a lazy bastard with too much time on their hands. For a change you said it out front instead of in PMs but either way it is a stupid and condescending argument to assume that anyone using their democratic right to protest in England must be a scrounger. You repeatedly mentioned me in it accusing me of being a liar etc. I don't give a shite what you think Al but hopefully that clears things up.
Firstly people who march against cuts in benefits are usually people who are affected by cuts in benefits, or why would they give a shit. Most people went to work the day of the protests.
Secondly as plenty have pointed out here over the last 7 years or so your story has more holes than a sieve.
I understand you don't like Robinson you have made that clear, I personally find Corbyn and his circus sidekick fucking repulsive.
I also consider all members of the main parties fucking traitors.
Hope that clears things up.
People give a shit about the way disabled people are treated often because they are not cunts. It is perfectly possible to demonstrate and campaign for the rights of others and this is why society has progressed beyond cavemen. If you only give a shit about yourself and not the care givers, your tribe is getting fucked right over pretty sharpish. It's not rocket science but it is one of the most important steps along the way. Empathy is an expression of intelligence not weakness.

Why would anyone make up stories for strangers on a forum? Who the fuck would want to impress you or anyone else here, andif they did do you not think that their lies would be considerably more glamorous than me telling you about my life?

Robinson and Corbyn are not so much chalk and cheese more milk and eggs.

Hope that gives you an itchy bollock.
Who said anything about trying to impress anyone ?
My point is as other have pointed out your story just doesn't add up.