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Boxing Result: Gevor DQ’d Against Stieglitz In Germany

Super middleweight Robert Stieglitz retained the WBO title last night at Bordelandhalle in Magdeburg, Germany after challenger Khoren Gevor was disqualified.

The bout was a contentious affair from the beginning as short southpaw Gevor had difficulty getting close to Stieglitz, who responded to the challenger's rushes by backing up to maintain distance.

Gevor did manage to land some shots although the cost was high as he was taking punishment from the sharp punching Stieglitz for his efforts. Whenever Gevor did manage to get on the inside, Stieglitz repeatedly grabbed him a bear hug-like clinch, which was rarely corrected by referee Manfred Kuechler.

There were also repeated clashes of the head, which appeared to frustrate Gevor, who began to throw rabbit punches, again which were rarely corrected by the referee, in the incessant clinches.

The tenth featured good two way action as Stieglitz was raking Gevor with both hands while Gevor was scoring with hard left to the body. Stieglitz was still wrapping up the challenger in clinches however and Gevor acted upon his frustration by blatantly rabbit punching, for which he lost a point.

When the bout resumed, another clinch broke out immediately and Gevor wrestled Stieglitz to the canvas, the pair of fighters slamming hard on the mat.

Stieglitz got up from the tangle with a laceration above his right eye and Gevor was disqualified.

Afterward, Gevor argued with Stieglitz's cornermen before managing to charge referee Kuechler and land a right to the left and a left hand to the body before getting dragged off by security personnel.

Stieglitz improves to 40-2 (23), retaining the WBO crown for the fourth time while Gevor's record now stands at 31-6-1DQ (16), dropping to 0-4 in world title fights.

Also on the bill, super feather Ramona Kuehne, 18-1 (5), defended her WIBF, WBO Female and WBF titles with a ten round UD against novice Arleta Krausova, 4-1 (1).

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