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British culture is massively entwined with Germanic, Gallic, Greek, Roman, Basque heritage and language and Europe is still where much of our food, art, music, business, education and science is shared.
Does British culture have anything oooooh I don't know BRITISH about it or is it just a hodgepodge of other cultures and therefore unimportant and not worthy of being it's own unique thing? Also does that line of reasoning work for other cultures as well? Is German culture just a mix of everything not German but it's mixed in a specific geopolitical nationstate and therefore it's "German" ditto France and Italy and Belgium and so on?

And yeah I get the idea you'll think the very question itself being asked is a massive insult and I'm a bigot/racist/xenophobe who has deliberately and shamelessly offended your ancient ancestors for daring to ask the question, so skip all your typical insulting bullshit and just respond to the question or don't respond at all, I'm just attempting to save you from gassing yourself up into not even a rage, but I am seriously not in the mood to read several volumes of epic poems in response.
Yes British culture does have a lot of things that make it unique. One of those things is the the Anglo-Saxon influence which came here with the Germanic and Scandinavian Angles and Saxons and Jutes you utter plum. They like the Romans and the Normans did not wipe out the native traditions we still have here in an incredibly diverse country. The British Isles, Great Britain, The United Kingdom, the clue is there in the names. You insult this great country every time you refer to Brits as English as though the Welsh and Scots and Northern Irish and even Cornish would not mind. They do mind.

We are a cultural superpower but our influence in literature would not even exist if it were not for French and Latin. Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Tennyson, Du Maurier, Carroll, Dickens, Austen , Burns, Thomas wrote not only on the local landscapes and figures but on the shoulders of Roman and Greek culture and history. We have been constantly invaded and have sailed the world invading others. That itself is exactly what makes us British and Unique but the European influence from our genealogy to our cultures and even our language itself is the most important by far. To deny that is to not be British bit to be a pale ignorant watered down version of what makes us what we are.

Neither of you will acknowledge that this nation state bullshit you subscribe to is even vaguely possible. It is farcical and childish. Your own country is a Union. Fucking hell man you cannot lecture us all just because pricks like Peterson and Mcinnes sold you the lie that being British is somehow tied up with not being intimately tied to Europe and that white culture is somehow a unique thing being diluted by acknowledging the undeniable fact that the commonwealth and British Empire worked both ways. From Cricket, Punk and Reggae to folk music, art, literature and cuisine, to be British is to look out and then bring that which is outside in and absorb it.

You really are a pair of idiots.