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Is that all you got?

I said 25 defences showed great consistency and an incredible feat but he got beaten up and knocked out before that.

When did I say Joe had to fight little babies in Frazier?

What are you going on about?

Throwing the rattle out of the pram.
Yes all I have is statistical fact of achieved accomplishment in real life vs your hypotheticals and your feelings and your emotions. Yes.

You go around in circles with "Joe Louis' era didn't have these fighters!" and my response is "Who did he duck?" you answer "No one, but his era didn't have these fighters" and so I'll say "What can be done about it? What could Joe do about it?" you'd respond "Nothing, I'm not asking for anything to be done, but his era didn't have these fighters".....what's the point of it?

What are YOU going on about?

I'd throw Ali to the fucking moon right now if I fucking could. It's unreasonable to talk to any Ali fan at all. "he's the greatest he's the GOAT he's the greatest"....HOW? WHY? ....well you see he ummm....

See how different that is to "How is Joe Louis the greatest?" oh, well he holds a record still to this day of 25 consecutive successful title defenses so there's that concrete undeniable fact. But hey you believe what you want to believe man