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Wait aren’t we waiting on the trial to finish and the jury to make the call. If the jury does not deliver a guilty verdict are we gonna burn shit down? Does the jury have access to facts we don’t or do we use Twitter to make these calls. I’m mean we kinda know how the Twitter algorithms lean. If he is guilty he is guilty. If not guilty he is not guilty. Damn there is always the hung jury right, to we burn shit down if the jury can’t agree to a verdict and he is tried again or do we wait till he’s tried again snd see. Shit if he is guilty we burn shit in happiness like a World Series win. I guess in that regard it a win win. As long as shit burns. Fuck me, Twitter. It’s like a poison. Keep feeding people the shit the they agree with.

"If he is guilty he is guilty. If not guilty he is not guilty."


Yeah I know. The justice system... due process... presumption of innocence unless proven guilty... blah, blah, blah.

Thousands upon thousands of public funds spent in a weeks-long trial... of a case where half a dozen cameras were pointed at the murder from several different vantage points.

Cameras with sound, whose videos clearly show Floyd pleading "I can't breathe!" over and over... until he stops breathing.

In the Court of TitoFan, the process would go something like this:

"Has the jury seen every video submitted as evidence?"

"Has the medical examiner determined the exact cause of death?"

"Was Floyd already dead when Chauvin put his knee on Floyd's neck?"

"Ok. Jury... go huddle for half an hour... and come back with your guilty verdict... so I can pass sentence and go home. I have a Minnesota Timberwolves game I gotta watch tonight."
Due process blah blah blah. I’m just saying we are almost at the end. Now everyone on twatter is a lawyer. I made my views clear a while back. Will you accept the juries verdict regardless or do you think you know better if you disagree with the outcome. Did you convict the guy 100%

Honest answer? No.

I won't accept the jury's verdict if he's found not guilty.

Nothing I can do about it... but I won't accept it.

Will I personally riot? Hell no.

Do I think riots would be warranted if Chauvin gets off on some technicality or the jury's blind, deaf, and dumb? Sure... why not.

It is what it is. Had there been no video, Chauvin would be walking the streets today, probably as a cop having served a suspension.

Even with videos from every angle, we're still watching a weeks-old trial.

Justice is important. But mockery of justice is not a good thing.
Well that’s fine. I think it looked like murder. But I don’t have all the facts. A video yeah. Would I say someone is 100% guilty by that, no, there may be more evidence that needs to be looked at. For all I know it may make the cop look worse. Maybe not though. It may be blah blah blah but I’ll take to due process thing when available

How many more facts do you need? At this point you're just regurgitating the standard answer to all crimes where it should be a slam dunk but are dragged anyway in the name of "justice." It's why criminals are more brazen in their acts even when they know they're being filmed (aka.. Chauvin)..... because they know that blah blah blah is going to buy them some time until they get off on a technicality.

If you're fine with that, you're totally within your rights.
Have you ever not been able to breathe? Did you ever tell someone “I can’t breathe” when you couldn’t? I worked at restaurants when I was in school, did the hiemlic once on a customer my boss did it to another. It was a steak house, the poor bastards were choking on steak. I’ll tell you they could note talk. I wonder about that. Maybe we should just shoot the cop though ship the trial