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WBC Champ Vitali Klitschko Faces Adamek Tonight In Poland

Former light heavy and cruiserweight world champ Tomasz Adamek's two year quest at heavyweight will finally reach it's goal this evening as the Polish hero will challenge WBC kingpin Vitali Klitschko at Stadion Miejski in Wroclaw, Poland.

Klitschko, 42-2 (39), has won all seven of his WBC title bouts since returning from a four year hiatus and at age 40, could be looking at his best opponent since losing a close bout on cuts to Lennox Lewis eight years ago.

Despite the home advantage, Adamek, 44-1 (28), who ironically has only fought twice in his homeland since 2004, will have a tough hill to climb as Klitschko is perhaps the most difficult adversary to face in all of boxing.

Possessing monumental punching power, particularly the right hand, along with a solid chin, and a very awkward style that features punches from unusual angles, Klitschko is also unexpectedly quick for a boxer standing 6'7 tall.

These attributes will undoubtedly present problems for Adamek but the Pole will bring excellent boxing skills to the contest and should give Klitschko his first genuine test since the Corrie Sanders bout in 2004.

In that contest, southpaw Sanders got past Klitschko's pawing jab and connected with meaningful shots that managed to hurt Dr. Ironfist at times, something no opponent has done since, before succumbing to Klitschko's withering right hand.

Adamek is no doubt aggressive enough to get in close against the much taller champion and talented enough to put scoring punches together but defensively, the challenger will likely prove too hittable against a puncher of Klitschko's abilities.

In his tenure as an unlikely but effective heavyweight, Adamek has been shaken after taking flush shots from big bangers Chris Arreola and Michael Grant but was never seriously hurt or even canvassed, an achievement of sorts for a former light heavyweight,
but the mere fact that Adamek was nailed by the pair isn't a good sign going into tonight's fight against Klitschko.

Adamek will likely start fast, effectively counter and outbox Klitschko on the inside in the early rounds, but as the champion gets warmed up and accustomed to the challenger's style it should be interesting to see if Adamek has the stamina to maintain the pace and continue to fight in close quarters.

If he actually can do that for all 12 rounds, Adamek could win a decision after a close fight in friendly Poland.

Klitschko, however, is very good at gaining control of fights, keeping opponents at a distance while ratcheting up the pressure and either producing KO's or administering a one-sided 12 round thrashing.

If the latter scenario plays out, Adamek will have proven a point and will probably be in a position to square off against the other Klitschko brother for the rest of the division's title hardware.

If Adamek does manage to upset the apple cart in Wroclaw, it will be one of the biggest upsets in the division since Evander Holyfield halted Mike Tyson in 1996.

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