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Golovkin vs. Jacobs: Battle For Middleweight Supremacy Tonight

Tonight, it could be lights out for either Gennady “GGG” Golovkin or Danny “The Miracle Man” Jacobs as the two middleweights clash in a much awaited middleweight world title unification contest between two massive punchers at New York’s renowned Madison Square Garden.

Golovkin, 36-0 (33), the most feared boxer in the world today, is unquestionably the favorite as he puts his WBC and IBF titles on the line but Jacobs, 32-1 (29), the reigning WBA champion, appears, at least on paper, to be the toughest assignment yet for “GGG”.

Both men made weight yesterday but it’s reported that Jacobs failed to participate in the IBF’s mandated same day weigh-in today and if that is the case, the native Brooklynite isn’t eligible to win the IBF crown should he defeat Golovkin.

The media build up to this bout has been amicable and low key, mainly consisting of Jacobs, who overcame cancer in 2011, vowing that he’s not the least bit afraid to step into the ring with Golovkin, who has stopped his previous 23 opponents inside the distance.

It’s been nine years since an opponent heard the final bell against the Kazakh wrecking ball and not many are giving Jacobs a chance to ruin that streak of success.

However, the 30 year old New Yorker can also punch with authority as he’s finished off his 12 most recent rivals.

What will happen once the bell rings in New York?

Golovkin relies on a heavy jab and quick footwork to apply relentless pressure on opponents, keeping them on the defensive and susceptible to his arsenal of lead left hooks, piston-like right crosses and spearing body shots.

If Jacobs is going to avoid being consecutive stoppage victim number 24, it will be because he found a way to take away the jab of “GGG”, perhaps using his superior quickness to land counter rights over the top of Golovkin’s favorite punch.

Even if Jacobs can pull that off, he’ll have to show that he has an iron chin and amazing stamina as Golovkin will definitely land power shots at some point and Jacobs will have to keep moving and stay off the ropes for as long as the bout lasts.

Welterweight champion Kell Brook perhaps discovered the offensive blueprint to beat Golovkin during their fight last September but lacked the defensive skills and durability to withstand the punishment that came back at him.

Does Jacobs have the defense and durability to succeed where Brook failed? As a natural middleweight, he’s much bigger than Brook and punches harder, but Jacobs has also suffered a KO loss to Dmitry Pirog and has been canvassed by Sergio Mora.

The now retired Pirog is the best opponent that Jacobs has faced to date, the only world class fighter on his resume, but Mora isn’t known as a puncher, something that doesn’t bode well for Jacobs going into a fight with Golovkin.

Look for Golovkin lose a few rounds until he can time Jacobs but then it should be just a matter of time until he zeros in on the target and halts Jacobs in the middle to later rounds.

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