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Exclusive Interview: Peter Fury

SaddoBoxing had the good fortune to catch up with Peter Fury, trainer of his nephew, undefeated ex-British, Commonwealth and Irish heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, who is coming off a five round destruction of American veteran Vinny Maddalone this past July in which Fury won the vacant WBO Intercontinental title.

SaddoBoxing: Recent articles about Tyson are saying that he is next going to fight either Siarhei Liakhovich, Ruslan Chagaev or Jean-Marc Mormeck. Who would be your preferred choice of opponent out of the three and why?

Peter Fury: We ultimately leave it to [Promoter] Mick Hennessy. Tyson will fight anyone.

SB: How do you predict the fight will go for Tyson?

PF: The fight will go to plan and hopefully he gets some quality rounds.

SB: For your last training camp, you went to Holland and Tyson had a solid six week preparation. Are you doing things differently this time?

PF: Yes, every camp is slightly different. Last time he had seven weeks. This time he's having nearly four months That's because we are building his weight in muscle with explosive power. It takes time, especially when considering the vast amount of cardio he does. Also, we are working on all aspects of his boxing skills.

SB: How has the training been so far?

PF: Training so far is great. He's started and after two weeks ,he's where he left off. So, he's already on weight this early.

SB: What's the plan after Tyson's next fight? Will this be his last fight in 2012?

PF: Yes, November will be his last bout in 2012. But expect to see him out end of January and again in March, 2013.

SB: James Toney recently said he would give Tyson a “beating”, what are your thoughts on that one? Would you welcome a fight with Toney?

PF: Yes, we first welcomed a fight with Toney, but after speaking to the broadcasters in the USA and in the UK, no one even raised an eyebrow. Only Tyson would be criticised for taking such a fight. Even Adamek’s people pulled out of a match with Toney for the same reasons. It just don't sell.

SB: What is Tyson’s route to the title? When do you think Tyson will be ready for a title shot? And who would he prefer it to be against?

PF: Tyson's route to a world title is in progress. We plan four more fights against credible opponents. And he will fight for a world title, when I believe he's ready and also the general public believes he's ready. He's going to be the mandatory number one, not just in the ratings but by the people also. Does not matter who is world champ when the time comes.

SB: If Tyson does become world champion will he be staying with Channel 5 or will he try and seek move onto a subscription based boxing channel?

PF: On TV rights, I don't get involved. That's Hennessy’s job.

SB: What are your thoughts on David Price defending his British title against Audley Harrison? How do you think that one will go?

PF: Price will KO Audley, simple.

SB: Will we see Tyson fight David Price in the near future?

PF: Yes, if Price and Tyson stay unbeaten, why not? it’s a fight I'd like to see as well as all the British public. So, hopefully in the future this will happen. I would like to add that Tyson is a real talent and people's opinions will sway to that on his upcoming performances in the ring, not by talking or shouting abuse at other contenders to raise his profile!

Author's notes:
I would like to say many thanks to Peter Fury for taking his time out to answer these questions and I look forward to seeing Fury back in the ring soon. I think his next test is a step up in class and ultimately good experience against fighters who have fought the best.

If Tyson can put on a solid performance ,and I am sure he will he can, compare his performance against world ranked contenders. It’s clear what Peter’s ambitions are for Tyson and with his increased training regime, I am sure we are going to see some an explosive performance from Tyson in his next fight.

I believe 2013 is going to be a really good year for Fury if he keeps on putting in these strong performances. With youth on his side, I believe Tyson does have the potential to make it to the top, he’s looking better each fight and that’s what you need from a heavyweight who is learning the trade.

I am happy Peter has acknowledged that the David Price fight needs to happen and I personally think the later this happens the better. It will be a lot more profitable for both men to fight when they are near the top, compared to if they fought this year.

I firmly believe both boxers should get more wins under their belt and establish themselves as the men to beat in the division. Wladimir Klitschko has both men under his radar, with their sheer size they really are going to be the challenge I think Wladimir will need.

I think size, these days, is so important in the heavyweight division, and it’s pretty clear that both Fury and Price have this along with the power.

Both Fury and Price have strong attributes in their boxing ability and that’s why both will make it to the top. I reckon both men have a solid chance of becoming the future heavyweight champion of the world.

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