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Fans Debate Klitschko-Williams.

Snakey: I think Vitali will be too much for the Brit, Vitali is really strong and has a reach advantage. Danny is not gonna get lucky by Vitali hurting his knee so I hope he doesnt hold that Tyson win too far up since Tyson is garbage nowadays and Tyson was injured.

JM: Vitali has shown he can take a punch already. That one uppercut by Lewis, and that left by Sanders. Those punches would have knocked Wlad flat on his back. Vitali is a very smart fighter. In his fight with Sanders, he waited a little, and wasn't as aggressive as he was against Johnson. He waited for him to tire out, and Sanders did. Vitali in this fight will not go straight foward because when he does, he is vulnerable to strong puches. He's going to stay away for the beginning to extend the fight a bit, and use his jab. Then when he starts landing big puches he will come foward more as the fight goes on. The best way Williams can win is if he puts a lot of pressure on Vitali. Thats why he had trouble with Sanders early on. He should put a lot of pressure on him, and go to the body more, which might wear down vitali. Vitali wins by TKO 9.


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