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Boxing Info: PA State Athletic Commission Overturns Max Alexander’s KO Loss, Fight Now Ruled No-Contest!

This past October 14th, Fingerspoon Promotions made their promotional debut with a card titled “Redemption” featuring some of the best fighters in Philadelphia. In the co-main event, Max Alexander, 12-0-1, was scheduled to face off against Marty Lindquist, 12-4, in a fight that most thought would be a showcase of Alexander’s skills.

That was not to be as Lindquist charged and landed a right hand as the opening bell sounded on a seemingly unsuspecting Alexander who was still in his corner. The punch landed square on the temple leaving Alexander in the ring unconscious for over five full minutes and putting the first blemish on an otherwise perfect professional record. The official time of the contest was: 10.

This caused an outrage within the Alexander camp and with the local media as well but blame for this sticky and near deadly incident was spread all around. Some suggest that Alexander wasn’t given time to take off his gear after the traditional touching of the gloves, others say Alexander was busy being a showboat.

The loudest allegations were that Lindquist took a cheap shot on his unaware foe. The Philadelphia Boxing Report radio show on ESPN 920 AM went as far as to say Lindquist committed a crime and has since gone into hiding! This incident also put the magnifying glass on the competence of decorated referee Frank Cappuccino who was the third man of the contest.

To add more fuel to the fire, it is reported that Marty Lindquist also failed the pre fight drug screening, testing positive for an unknown substance. On Wednesday evening, Pennsylvania State Athletic Commissioners office has overturned the decision to credit Minnesota’s Marty “The Wolfman” Lindquist with a first round knockout victory, instead changing the official ruling to a no-contest. PA boxing commissioner Greg Sirb stated that “Mr. Lindquist failed his drug test, thus the results were changed to a No Contest.”

My suggestion is to cut the BS and settle this once and for all the Philly way, in the ring with a rematch. Max Alexander agrees. He went on record to say "I feel that this decision the commission made is correct; it wasn't even a fight in the first place. The entire situation is crazy, the fight never officially begun. No way do I deserve a loss in that fight. I am definitely coming back and I want Marty in my next fight; I don't need no tune up or anything."

The Lindquist camp is fuming saying “how can you discredit a win when a guy is lying on his back in the ring?” No comment was given on the alleged testing results.

This caps off a very active year for Alexander as he is suspended until January due to being knocked unconscious but plans to return to the ring soon after he is medically cleared. Lindquist will almost definitely join him on the shelf is the test results hold true. It is unclear at this point whether he will ever return to the ring or not.

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