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The reason why there was no general election was because it was a ruse by Boris.

Boris had just lost a vote that he could not have a No Deal Brexit this handed power back to parliament, he kicked out 21 of his own MP’s in anger and thereby lost even more power. Corbyn led an alliance in opposition and the only reason Boris offered an election was to force a no deal Brexit which would have naturally happened as it would have gone over 31st October. Boris lost that vote too. Now Boris is frantically trying to make a deal but he has no chance and so is running down the clock hoping to annoy the EU to not grant the extension that he does not want to do.
This is like ordering pizza in a large group

"I want pepperoni!" ...."I want sausage!"...."I'm vegetarian so I just want veggies!" ....."I'm vegan, I don't want pizza at all I just want something which doesn't have any animal products that is sustainable and then we all need to huddle together to listen to my slam poetry!"

Boris' job is to secure Brexit, that's all. What kind of Brexit deals do these leaders propose? Are they being realistic or spiteful? Are there not Remainers still in Parliament?
Yes Boris should secure a Brexit deal. Labour have proposed a 6 point deal from the start and May only started looking at that when her deal failed. The Labour deal is realistic and could work as they have collaborated with EU. Yes there are remainers in all parties but at least Labour still wants to honour the vote. Liberals do not. This is a Tory mess from the start and they have done nothing to fix it. A no deal Brexit is not a fix, it is a start to a poor deal.

OK then will this 6 point deal be found acceptable by the EU? If not, then what?

Do you think that some Remainers might be asking for too much or too little in the hopes it keeps a deal from happening and that Britain just reverses course? Seems to be what the LibDems are actively hoping for.

What do you think of the LibDems cozying up to Guy Verhofstadt? Seems as though they're thinking about what is best for the EU as opposed to what is best for the UK.
I think Labours proposal has a better chance of being accepted by EU as they had been discussing it with the organisations in Europe.

The reality is May could have got her deal through if she had her majority in parliament and did not call that unnecessary general election that she did not bother to turn up to.

If Labour or Tory have a majority they will get a deal through parliament.

Yes there are remainers but I believe they did want to deliver the referendum result otherwise they would have undermined everything that they stand for.

They have not delivered because they do not have a majority in parliament. The longer the delay the louder the remainers have become until we have the Liberals who will not honour the result.