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Big Mouth Strikes Again: WBC Suspends Adrien “The Problem” Broner

On Thursday May 8, 2014, the World Boxing Council announced that Adrien Broner received an indefinite suspension following his comments during a post-match television interview after defeating Carlos Molina on May 3.

The comments to which the WBC refers to are: "Anybody can get it. Afri-cans, I just beat the f--k out of a Mexi-can."

Here is the statement from the WBC:

Adrien Broner, former WBC lightweight champion, has offended many persons of the world with his words during the interview after the fight v Molina. The World Boxing Council holds human equality as its banner and will not accept a former WBC champion to make racially offensive statements.Since words have different meanings and can be interpreted in different ways, the WBC is issuing this open letter to Adrien Broner to either clarify what he meant with his words or to issue a public apology if those words were intended to be disrespectful and offensive... Boxing is a great sport, it is a world sport, and boxers are honourable and exemplary members of the community. Fair play and human equality must always be upheld.

The WBC as an organization is deciding to punish Broner for his words much like the NBA recently banned Donald Sterling for his racial charged comments.

How very cynical of the WBC to condemn this intolerance yet they are an organization that regulates one of the oldest bloodsports still around where the objective, mind you, is to knock the living daylights out of your opponent.

Also why is the WBC now taking exemptions to these comments when in 2010, Floyd Mayweather Jr. reportedly called Manny Paquiao "little yellow chump" ?

Now I am the last person to come to Adrien Broner's defence, but the fact that in this instance the WBC is targeting Broner is not right.

If the WBC really want to stand for fair play and human equality as they mentioned in their press release, they should target all fighters who cross the line or none at all.

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