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Boxing\’s Hitman Vs The Pretty Boy

It is perhaps the most talked about potential fight today and almost definitely the most wanted, featuring two undefeated champions both in their physical primes. Ricky Hatton vs. Floyd Mayweather is the fight that everyone is hoping to see as the highlight of next year.

In one corner would be the man who destroyed American legend Arturo Gatti in six devastating rounds. Floyd Mayweather also has such significant

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accomplishments under his belt as handily defeating Diego Corrales, who was 33-0-0 at the time and two decisions over Jose Louis Castillo.

Ricky Hatton, on the other hand, has beaten Kostya Tyzu’s original conquer Vince Phillips, as well as Kostya himself for the IBF championship and Carlos Massua for the WBA title. Hatton’s strength lies in his physical conditioning which gives him seemingly unlimited stamina, and the willingness to engage in a brawl verses anyone in the world. He can also box as we all saw against Ben Tackie.

Maweather, as he has shown, has ability and raw talent to the degree of what Sugar Ray Leonard had in many people’s eyes. He has also been increasing his punch power as displayed against Sharmba Mitchell

It is perhaps comparable to the Hager - Leonard bout back in 1987, with the vicious, bullish style of Hatton in contrast to the lightning fast speed of Mayweather. Some have also compared it to Lamotta – Robinson and even Ali – Frazier.

Mayweather may be the favorite if the two were to meet but by no means is his majority overwhelming. His next bout is scheduled for April against Zab Judah for the undisputed welterweight crown, should Judah make it past Carlos Baldomir on January 7th, and that will surely give Mayweather enough prestige (if he wins) to be able to speak up like Hatton and say he wants the fight made. Until then we will just have to imagine these words...

"....in the red corner weighing in at 140 lbs and standing five foot eight inches tall, a record of 35 wins, no losses and 24 knockouts, from Las Vegas, Nevada...Floyd Mayweather!"

"in the blue corner weighing in at 140 lbs and standing five feet six inches tall, a record of 40 wins, no losses and 30 knockouts, from Manchester, England...Ricky Hatton!"

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