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Exclusive Boxing Interviews With David Haye and Clinton Woods

 Exclusive Boxing Interviews With David Haye and Clinton Woods
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World Exclusive Interview with European Cruiserweight Champion David Haye, and IBF Light Heavyweight Champion Clinton Woods, who announces that he will fight Roy Jones in Sheffield, England in May!

After David Haye’s stunning forty seven second knockout victory over Alexander Gurov last Friday night on a Fight Academy promoted bill in Bracknell, England, SaddoBoxing's Simon

Shaw managed to grab a few words with the newly minted European Cruiserweight Champion as well as ask IBF Light Heavy Clinton Woods a few questions.

SB: You’ve launched yourself up to number two in the WBA cruiserweight rankings and number five in the WBC after just now crushing Alexander Gurov; that must feel good?

DH: "Something like that, all I know is I’ve certainly jumped up the rankings with that one right hand. That’s exactly what I wanted, a spectacular KO and I got it. I’ve been training hard down in Miami and really pushing myself and it’s paid off."

SB: Are you tired? (laughs)

DH: (laughing)"No, not one bit."

SB: The Junior Witter and Ricky Hatton domestic situation at light welter is similar to yourself and WBU titlist Enzo Maccarinelli at cruiserweight. What are your thoughts on Enzo and do you want to fight him or do you think it would be a good idea for both of you to steer clear of one another at this stage of your careers?

DH: "Enzo is a good young and up and coming fighter with explosive power like myself. I Think a fight between us would really capture the public's imagination and I think it has to happen at some stage, hopefully it won't take to long to happen and we can get it on. You know we’re both in our prime and I’d take it as my next fight given the option."

SB: I think that’s the domestic cruiser fight that we all want to see mate. After your loss last year to IBO Champion Carl Thompson, which I think was a brilliant learning curve for you as you're still young, did you feel straight away that it was a loss that you would want to avenge?

DH: "Yeah, definitely, you know that hurt and if I could pick anyone in the world to fight it would be Thompson. That’s the only blemish on my record and I know that I can beat him. You know if you don’t ever put yourself in a situation where you can lose, then how are you ever gonna learn? The thing is that I haven’t got too many fights at cruiserweight left in me as I'm really struggling to make the weight. I'm having to lose twenty pounds to get down to the weight and I need to move up in a year or so."

SB: Are you hinting that you're moving up to the heavyweight division, David?

DH: "Yeah, definitely, I'm gonna clean up the cruiserweights then move up. You know I’ve got KO power as you saw earlier and I know I’ll carry that power up to the heavyweight division. One of my heroes is Evander Holyfield, who had a similar build to me at cruiser and a similar amateur record. Look at what he did at heavyweight."

SB: Excellent news mate. So when you do go to heavy, who do you want to fight?

DH: "Oh, anyone mate! You Know Chris Byrd, Samuel Peter…I’ll fight all those guys!"

SB: It’s been runoured in the past that you like the clubs a little too much and it has occasionally affected your training....

DH: (A wry grin appears on the David's face and then it’s back to business) "Well, (laughs) I do love my music and I love to party but you know I'm a young man and nowit’s time to knuckle down. I do go to clubs and party but now, when it’s approaching the start of training then that’s it and I'm straight on it and focused."

SB: Good answer (laughs)

DH: (laughs)

SB: Just a few quick "who wins" questions mate and I’ll leave you to chill out...who wins, Hatton Or Mayweather?

DH: "Hatton".

SB: Calzaghe or Lacy?

DH: "Lacy".

SB: Why?

DH: "Lacy is too powerful and he’s on the way up and Calzaghe is on the way down."

SB: Clinton Woods or Roy Jones?

DH: "Er, ooh, er..tough one..er..Woods on points."

SB: Ok, and finally (laughs) Tarver or Balboa?

DH: (laughs) "Balboa!"

SB: Cheers champ and have a wicked Christmas, I’ll see you at your next fight!

DH: "Cheers mate."

We also grabbed a few quick words with Clinton Woods at ringside during the fight card.

SB: Clinton mate, who’s next for you? Antonio Tarver?

CW: "Nah mate, he won’t fight me! He’s scared mate and we’ve tried so many times to get him to fight me and he don’t wanna know. He’s scared of me is Tarver."

SB: So who next then?

CW: "Roy Jones in May, mate."

SB: Yeah? What, one hundred percent?

CW: "Pretty much a done deal mate."

SB: Wicked news Clinton!

CW: "Yeah mate and it should be in Sheffield."

SB: Really? That’s brilliant news and a hell of a payday I’d imagine?

CW: (laughs) "Yeah mate."

SB: Cheers for that fella, its going on the website okay?

CW: "Yeah, no worries mate."

Simon Shaw would like to say thanks to Carlton Haye (David's Brother) for sorting the interview out, David Haye and his lovely lady Natasha and Clinton Woods for his time. Also a thank you to Dave Lewis from Fight Academy and everyone in the VIP Room.

Simon Shaw can be reached at djsishaw69@yahoo.co.uk

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