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Boxing Update: Ouma To Fight Middleweight Champ Taylor?

What Difference A Week Makes

Just last week, J. Russell Peltz, promoter of former Light Middleweight Champion Kassim Ouma, came out blazing to the boxing press about how his man can't get a big money fight and how the business is in shambles because of how everyone in boxing is working on the old buddy system. How, in his own words says "It does not seem to matter if fighter B is better than fighter A so long as Fighter A’s management has a better working relationship with the ratings organizations or with the television networks". He also went on to complain about how old names are recycled and no fresh blood is given the opportunity to be seen on national TV. Read the entire article

Now, Peltz airs the dirty laundry and all of a sudden there is serious discussion of Ouma challenging Jermain Taylor for the middleweight crown. While I am very happy that Ouma is on the verge of getting a shot and firmly believe he poses a serious threat to the title, the situation does raise a few eyebrows and a few questions.

Was this another stroke of genius by the Hall of Famer to position his man (and himself) for a major payday? Is this fight some sort of pacifier so Peltz didn't go into further detail exposing the scandalous politicians of the boxing world? Will he start practicing what he is preaching and use his great influence to give other fighters held down by the sport's heavy hand an opportunity for world wide recognition and a sturdy bank account?

Will landing this fight change his opinion on the state of the game? This all remains to be seen. In due time we will find out if Peltz is truly trying to bring this great sport back to a state of respectability or if he is just another guy who speaks up when they smell cash. Maybe the fight will take place and maybe it won't. One thing we learned through all of this is when Peltz talks, people listen.

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