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Boxing Perspective: Absolute Fistiana

What makes boxing a pure sport goes beyond the direct physical contact between the two fighters. It is a metamorphosed natural sport. There are no weak team players to avoid, nor strong team players to rely on. It is every man/woman for him/herself.

When these fighters are doing their thing, bring in some tropical trees and add a waterfall to the backdrop--it becomes an ultimate test of survival of the fittest. Not all fighters display animalistic behavior, many incorruptible pugilists are indeed a rare breed of humans. The fighters who portray a spectacle of wild-like conduct, are clearly lacking enough reason and logic to look at boxing as being something beyond a barbaric sport. Those with intelligence, candor and respect, while engaging in a savage sport are the warriors.

A fighter lacking dignity and respect to their rival is like the tiger versing the gladiator. A primitive fighter vs righteous fighter and even the sweetest fight, can turn sour. Present day, this is the clash between dirty fighting and pure fighting. The lion and other exotic animals may have defeated the gladiator, these sneaky fighters may climb up the totem pole of fame and glory, however, that is where it ends.

There is no true achievement or something to be proud about. The gladiators put their weapons to use and put up the gates of their minds to struggle and battle for their lives, to be the final winner. Many were brutally killed, some escaped. Like today, many honest prizefighters have maintained their honor and conquer with their sincere ploys. In today's world, what baffles me is when the ignorant conniving fighters creep up the ladder of success. All built on falsity.

When I was in Rome earlier this year, this quote at the Roman Coliseum caught my eye and my mind, and sparked a thought about how these prizefighters must be fully dependent on their intellect and physical senses: "When the actor with his gaping mouth walks silently upon his high cothurni, which render him, gigantic, the spectators are griped by fear. But when his voice booms out, they flee from the theater, as if they were pursued by a demon" by Philostratus, 'The Life of Apollonius of Tyana.'

Undefeated, or defeated, place these solid, pure fighters of today inside the Coliseum, and they have an incredible fortuity at conquering the lions and the tigers. Put in the dirty players, and it is dog eat dog. Just a bloody mess, no endeavor, no hero.

After all, spectators continue to flock arenas around the globe to watch the battles of our modern day gladiators.

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