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Tarver-Jones III: The Final Hour.

Overall, the Tarver-Jones trilogy carries more additional significance than its modern boxing counterparts. Of course, battles such as those fought between Arturo Gatti and Mickey Ward, and Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera resembled greatness in their own right, but essentially, they told the story of two fighters happily beating …

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TKO Boxing show

Once again fight fans we welcome you to an edition of the "TKO Boxing show," the boxing talk show renowned throughout the boxing industry bringing you the hottest interviews and in-depth discussions on the latest boxing developments. Humberto Soto stole the show on Saturday night with his hard-fought win over …

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Vargas-Mayorga: The Calm Before the Storm.

Click for larger image© DAVID MARTIN WARRDON KING PRODUCTIONS The carnage will be awesome. Onlookers will have to peep through their fingers to gauge whether it is safe to look. Nearby, officials will wince; eyeing every nuance of the action, hoping that animosity between the two can be sufficiently contained. …

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