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Exclusive Boxing Interview: Scott Dixon – Fighting Back

Scott Dixon Exclusive Boxing Interview: Scott Dixon   Fighting Back
Back in May 2004, the boxing world was shocked by the news that former Commonwealth Welterweight Champion and world title challenger Scott Dixon, 27-10-3 (6), had been the victim of a brutal and sustained attack that very nearly cost him his life.

After having a sword put to his throat and being forced into a car, Scott was driven to the southern outskirts of his hometown of Hamilton, Scotland where he was subjected to an horrific ordeal, having both legs deliberately broken and stabbed repeatedly.

Scott was also beaten over the head with a baseball bat and had his left arm severely broken.

Just a touch over three years later, SaddoBoxing had the opportunity to catch up with Scott in the unlikely boxing surroundings of Malta. The man who once feared that he might never walk again, let alone step inside the ring, has made a fantastic recovery.

SaddoBoxing: Scott, first of all, what brings you to Malta? Is this part of your rehabilitation?

Scott Dixon: "Yes and no. I have two Maltese children and living here has given me a better quality of life since the attack. Being here in Malta has been a big part of my rehabilitation. Glasgow is a tough place and not too good for rehab.

"This is also a good opportunity to open a boxing gym here in Malta. This launch will put Maltese boxers on the map. We will have five star training and hospitality packages, shuttle services for boxers and their entourage, plus acclimatisation and training all year round."

SB: How would you describe your physical state now? Are you one hundred percent or are there still things to work on or that will never improve?

SD: "I have a metal plate in my left arm, which sometimes makes it feel like I have a dead arm! I also have tendon damage in both legs from the stabbings and a 'Drop Foot', [Drop foot is a symptom of an underlying problem and is characterized by the patient's inability to raise their foot at the ankle] my right foot. I'm still having rehab for some of these things and just have to put up with the others.

"Boxing is a medicine, that, and my two children, gives me a reason to get up in the morning. When I'm not working, my children occupy my time and help with my state of mind. Boxing is the physical rehabilitation while therapy is the mental rehab.

"My family, girlfriend and close friends have all played a big part in my rehabilitation and still do. My fans have also been there for me and their messages of goodwill have all been very welcome.

"I would like to, at this point, say a really big thank you to Wayne and Cheryl McCulloch in Las Vegas www.pocketrocketbox.com they have looked after me so well."

SB: You initially feared that you would never walk again, let alone get back in the ring. When did the possibility of fighting again become a reality?

SD: "Approximately four months ago, while I was at a boxing exhibition, just watching I should add, I was asked, if the opportunity arose, would I ever box again. Now, I have been training in some of the various gyms in, and around Malta, and have been asked by several other boxers if I would be interested in training them.

"At present, I earn my living as a 'Personal Trainer / Fitness Guru', so I was in reasonably good shape. Even though I'm no longer a license holder with the British Boxing Board of Control, due to circumstances arising during my operation, I said 'Yes. If the opportunity arose, I would love to fight again'.

"That is not to say that Maltese boxing is not controlled, on the contrary, in that aspect it is operated in a semi-pro manner. At this early stage in the further development on Maltese boxing, we are not in sync with the rest of Europe. This is very soon to be addressed with the view to bringing fully licensed and sanctioned boxing to the Maltese Islands. This we hope to do through 'Punch Promotions', a company set up by my manager, Robbie Bell and I.

"We have been in contact with the Maltese Minister for Sport and we hope to begin training the first Maltese Olympic Boxing Team. 2012 London is our aim, and the amount of raw talent in Malta gives us a realistic time scale for this to happen.

"I would just like to add here, that I did fight a local Maltese challenger about three weeks ago now. Oh, and by the way, I won in three!"

SB: What weight did you fight at?

SD: "12 stone, [168 lb] super middleweight. After the attack, my weight went down to 10 stone [140 lb]. I couldn't eat and I rarely went out of the house; it was a physiological thing. It's taken me three years to put my weight back on. It seems my body is happy at a lesser weight and I still struggle to gain weight, but it's not a problem for this fight."

SB: Have you set yourself any targets in the ring or is it simply a bonus to be back in there?

SD: "My next fight is against Steve Aquelina, and is for the Maltese Super Middleweight title. So yes, I do have certain targets as a fighter. Proving that 'I'm The Man' over here will project and take me to where I want to go in boxing in Malta.

"Secondly, as a trainer and Ambassador to boxing in Malta, my aim is to put boxing in Malta on the world map, which is not impossible. Again, 2012 excites me in a sense that Malta will have its first ever representatives in boxing. I will be so proud to be a part of that."

SB: At the time, you were established as a fighter capable of mixing it with the best the UK and Commonwealth had to offer. Is it a possibility to consider getting back to that kind of form or would it be a step too far?

SD: "In my heart I would love to do it. But the reality of it all is that I've had my time and enjoyed every second of it. As my grandfather says and I'd like to quote him here ,'It's better to have been a king for a day than to never been king at all'."

[At this time Scott was asked specifically about the attack, but he had no comment.]

SB: Looking back at some of the press coverage at the time, it is clear to see how devastating this was for your family. How huge a boost has it been for them to see you returning to health and doing what you love?

SD: "My family has been my backbone throughout my ordeal, they have been there for me time and time again, through the good times and the setbacks, they have been my rock.

"They were as devastated as me that my then career was over. But it's been a breath of fresh air to them to see me doing what I love; boxing."

SB: Scott, it looks like you're starting a very big adventure here. What plans do you have for yourself and Maltese boxing?

SD: "I have some big aims for Malta. We at Punch Promotions will be setting up a 'Board of Control' for both amateur and professional ranks. We will also be running the most elite, professional gym on the island, called 'Ultimate Boxing Gym'. We offer state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and trainers, as well as the packages previously mentioned."

SB: Any final comments or mentions that you would like to make?

SD: "I would just like to thank the following, whom without their support none of this would have been possible: my gran and grandfather, my mother and my girlfriend, all the hospital staff that looked after me after my attack and throughout my rehabilitation. My manager and co-promoter Robbie Bell.

"And most importantly of all, Jesus Christ and my faith which, without, I wouldn't be here today. Boxing Is life; roll with the punches."

SB: Scott, thank you for your time and effort, we at SaddoBoxing wish you the best for the future both inside and outside the ring.

With thanks to Scott Dixon, Punch Promotions and Geoff Brodie.

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