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Jeff Lacy: “I’m Ready and Tired of Waiting.”

By Katrina Walters March 1st, 2005 All Boxing Articles, Boxing Interviews, Boxing Previews
thumb Jeff lacy3 Jeff Lacy: Im Ready and Tired of Waiting.
Jeff Lacy
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After two months of intense training, in his hometown of Florida, “Left-hook” Lacy proclaims he’s "ready and tired of waiting." On Saturday, March 5, 2005, Lacy is set to defend his IBF super middleweight title against Rubin "Mr. Hollywood" Williams. Although Lacy does not underestimate any opponent he faces, he is ready and up for the task at hand in facing Williams. He states: "I like to fight often and win." His goal is to fight at least three to four times this year, hopefully landing that big fight with Joe Calzaghe, but not looking past any opponent.

Although the future looks extremely promising for Lacy, he is not looking past Mr. Hollywood, "He's coming to take something I have and it's my job to stop him from doing it." When asked about the quality of opposition he's facing in Williams, Jeff states that "he's talking big and I am not gonna take that lightly."

I asked if the fight fans will see a knockout, and Jeff plainly and confidently responded by saying, "if I see the shot, I'm gonna land it, and if his chin can take it, then he's gonna take a beating for twelve rounds."

This will not be the first time Lacy and Williams have met. The two faced each other in the amateurs on three different occasions, with Lacy getting the best of two, but Williams has a different account of the meetings, believing he had the best of Lacy all three times.

One thing is certain, these are not the amateurs, and the stakes are much higher. Lacy intends on taking full advantage of this fight and possibly making a short night of it. Not looking past or looking over Rubin Williams, but to go in and handle business and to put on a spectacular show for the fans; this is his ultimate goal.

Far too many fighters have come into a fight with “Left-hook,” totally underestimating his ring experience and punching power, only to find themselves completely over-matched, and overcome by his enormous strength in both hands and his onslaught of punching power, not to mention the ability to land these devastating punches at will. He is also blessed with that one punch knockout power!

So it is definitely going to be "lights, camera, action for Rubin “Mr. Hollywood" Williams on Saturday night. This will be his twelfth appearance on Showtime and
He promises the fight fans a great and exciting fight. So fans, we are in for another great night of boxing from our super middleweight champion of the world Jeff "Left-hook" Lacy!

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