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Joe Calzaghe Knocked Out: Strictly Come Dancing

Sad news I’m afraid. Joe Calzaghe will no longer be gracing our screens on Saturday nights.

This weekend, the ‘Pride of Wales’ was ultimately voted off the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ show by the panel of judges, in fact it was a unanimous decision!

This weeks dance was the ‘Jive’ and - wearing bright red, shiny, satin shirt and dark trousers - Calzaghe kicked along to the up-tempo sounds of ‘Rock This Town’ alongside partner Kristina.

Grinning - he looked to be enjoying himself out on the dance floor. Bruce Forsyth congratulated them but thought they should have got Joe a boxing ring to dance in. “It might have helped,” Bruce offered.

Bracing himself - Joe awaited the judge's decision.

“We are finally seeing some personality - which is extremely important,” said deadpan Craig. “You loosened up a bit and relaxed a little bit - thank goodness! However, there were a plethora of small problems - flat footed, a bit flippery, it’s a little bit waddle-ly as well, but a vast improvement.”

Joe looked to be thinking about the comparison to a duck…but didn’t comment back.

Len said, “If this had been a boxing match you would have been knocked out second round, but I’m glad that you didn’t because last week and this week we’re starting to see a development as a dancer. Well done!“

So far so good.

Newest judge, Alesha, seemed to have regressed four weeks when she commented, “Because you are a boxer - I thought I would see a lot more spring in your step. For me, Joe, I want to see a bit more bounce! But I always enjoy your routines, Kristina, it was a great song-choice (Xfactor is on the other channel, Alisha!) and you both brought some much needed fun to the dance floor.”

Bruno stated the obvious, saying, “We all know you’re not a natural dancer!”, to which Joe quickly replied, “Who said?” to everyone's laughter.

Bruno continued with, “For the first time, for a few moments, you were on time - so there’s hope!”

Joe looked un-enthused by the comments but will surely be grateful for Bruce’s advice that ‘skipping may help’.

Scoring a massive 21 out of 40 meant that this week the red-clad dance-duo would not be at the bottom of the leader board for a change. That privileged spot was taken by Craig and Flavia with a score of 20.…phew that was a close one, Joe!

But sadly, despite Joe’s admission that the public vote was all he cared about, the same public this week let him down and he found himself in the dance-off against Zoe and James.

Craig and Alesha ‘saved’ Zoe and James while Bruno said he was saving Zoe and Ian. Phew, James must have been relieved!

Joe and Kristina were out with 3 of 4 votes - but not before Len dealt the final blow saying he would have voted them off as well. Talk about kicking a man while he’s down...

“Ah, defeated in dancing”, Bruce added as Joe and Kristina smooched a final dance to the sounds of ‘Girl I’m Leaving You Tomorrow’, and I’m sure I detected a relieved smile on Joe's face as they swayed around the dance floor.

So Joe is out after failing to get the public vote - but I have my own theory on that. All the boxing fans were watching Froch at Nottingham Saturday night so they couldn’t vote for Joe! Either that or they threatened to make him wear pink next week and he was having none of it!

Now what will it be next? Dancing on Ice? Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here?

Watch this space.

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