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Pan Seared Trout With A Cinnamon Twist: Alvarez vs. Trout Preview

Few suspected Austin Trout (26-0-0 14 KO's) would be able to boss Puerto Rican boxing legend Miguel Cotto, but he did it.

Not many would visualize that Saul "El Canelo" Alvarez (41-0-1 30 KO's) would obliterate every opponent to go 41-0 as a professional, but he did it.

How well will the next chapter unfold in both fighters outstanding professional boxing careers? Millions will be viewing in the United States and Mexico, attempting to decode the same thought.

That's right! It's here! Yet another illustriously themed fight night set to make or break the careers of two world class professional combatants with world title supremacy on the line. We are set for a 12 round title unification bout!

You have the vengeful hands of "Canelo", a 22 year old Cinnamon-haired Mexican looking to sprout up to the level of some of boxing's elite. His brother, Rigoberto, had a decision loss against Trout, one that Alvarez says he rightfully won.

For Canelo, winning this bout is both a matter of family honor and his career in mind. Can he bruise the insuppressible confidence of Trout?

Then you have Trout, a sensible, poised and conditioned southpaw fighter with nothing but "win" on his mind.

Hailing from Las Cruces, New Mexico, he is out to become the local hero, collecting two world title belts in less than a year would be a grand accolade for his hopeful career.

Can he outwit the bodacious brawler?

One thing many like about this fight is the boxer vs puncher aspect. Don't be deceived by the title, Trout refuses to flee, he outmuscled the smaller Miguel Cotto in their December 1st fight and left the then WBA champion trailing backwards.

Albeit it serves for entertaining fights, it lays him a disadvantage if he accedes to exchanging with Alvarez. He needs to realize who he is as a fighter, and keep that at mind at all times.

Alvarez has a devastating right hand, and what is the southpaw antidote? Say it all at once kids, the right hand!

Alvarez cannot allow Trout to get comfortable. A rule of thumb, if Trout is spiking his way in with his southpaw jab and sitting on his left uppercut, time to turn up the heat.

Alvarez needs to keep his foot on the peddle, leave Trout at the ropes eating the right hand, in the end, you'll have a pan-seared, or should I say canvas-seared, Trout.

My prediction? Alvarez by decision. Trout will pose a unique threat, build an early lead, but Canelo will drive him down to a closely-scored decision.

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