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The Potential Of Zab Judah

We all know what occurred on that faithful night at the Theater in Madison Square Garden. It’s nothing new to anyone anywhere. When you don't focus on the matter at hand, you are bound to overlook something. In Zab's case it was the hunger and determination of Carlos Baldomir. And so the story goes, he didn't take the guy as serious as he should have and ultimately lost the fight. Okay now what? As I stated before and I may be the only one that feels this way, I still believe that Zab Judah can beat Floyd Mayweather. Which leads me to the new topic of the day, not all the Zab bashing and the "I told you so's" that have been pestering "Super" Judah since his lost, but the fact of the matter is that they will be facing each other on April 8, 2006 at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas.

Zab Judah once again has the potential to redeem himself in a major way. In his rematch against Corey Spinks, Judah had to go into Spink's backyard to face his demons, not to mention a pre fight concert starring Spinks featuring Nelly!. Prior to that he had to face the ridicule of the media, and for good reason. Zab Judah's potential is unlimited, he's blessed with raw talent and when he sets his mind he can do anything. But for some reason there is a species of people, I myself included, who arise to the occasion especially when our backs are against the wall or when we have something to prove. He handled business against Spinks, redeemed himself of a loss and won the titles, in grand fashion. When this fight between Mayweather and Judah materializes this April, Zab Judah will once again have the opportunity to make good with the critics and boxing fans alike and become pound for pound the best in the division if he does what I know he can do which is to dispense of Floyd Mayweather, not an easy task, but possible.

The sport of boxing is so unpredictable, and Mayweather has never lost. Zab Judah might very be well the one to stop "Pretty Boy" Floyd. The potential is definitely there! Every fighter out there has that one foe, they seemed invisible until that faithful encounter, almost like good versus evil, or the darkness facing the light. One never knows when or who or where and how, and Zab could very well be that who, Las Vegas, Nevada could be the where, and with the determination and focus that Judah posses, when he knuckles down and get to business, can be the how. If all falls in to place for "Super" Judah, when can be April 8, the night of his great redemption, back into the graces and respect of all that doubted and where taken on this sickening roller coaster ride of ups and downs and hi's and lows. Time will have to tell, for this is a great opportunity for both fighters.

With a win, Floyd can stand and say, without a shadow of doubt "I am the pound for pound best in the world" and boast his fourth world championship in as many weight classes, an astonishing feat for any fighter as these two gear up to fight for Zab's title at 147. On the other hand, Zab Judah can erase all doubt and completely annihilate the O on Mayweathers record, and gain all the respect that every great fighter deserves. Like I stated earlier, only time will tell, and hopefully Zab Judah can be "Super" no make that "Superior" when he faces "The Pretty One" in Floyd Mayweather, "I like you a lot Floyd," states the writer of this article, but it will make a great comeback story for our hometown fighter. See you at the Fights, and may the best man win!

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