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Juan Carlos Burgos Resigns With Banner Promotions And Thompson Boxing

Banner Promotions and Thompson Boxing Promotions are re-signing Tijuana’s crackerjack super featherweight contender Juan Carlos Burgos (30-1-1, 20 KOs) to a second promotional contract.

After coming extremely close to winning a world title why stop now?

Co-Promoters Banner Promotions and Thompson Boxing Promotions and Juan Carlos Burgos held a press conference luncheon earlier today in East Los Angeles to celebrate the reigning at the world famous Tamayo Restaurant.

"All of us know Juan Carlos Burgos can end up being the very best 130 in the whole world. He is ranked #1 in the world by the WBO for which he will be challenging for that title into the very not too distant future.

"I'm happy to have already been able to work with Burgos because of my friendship and association with Ken Thompson and Alex Camponovo, I know we are going to continue doing great things together," added Art Pellulo (President of Banner Promotions).

“All of us saw what happened in New York therefore we know that the next time out Juan Carlos Burgos will have his hand raised and be crowned world champion”, finished Pelullo

“Juan Carlos Burgos should be seen as the very best 126-130 pounder around. He has done an incredible job in almost every facet of his young career and today we are going to solidify his future, we are going to make sure he gets what he so eagerly deserves, a belt around his waist.

"Although he is 25 years of age, He's a veteran of the sport as he started his professional career during the age of 16 and we know one day he is going to be deemed as one of the greats. This really is a happy day for the company.” Said Thompson.

Said Camponovo, "we have worked hard so that Juan Carlos Burgos stays with us. We know his potential and value it as a result, we are going to make sure he will get there soon. He tried to capture that elusive belt twice, once he was close but inexperienced (Hasegawa), the final time he was robbed (Martinez) and got a draw, so we are now hopeful that the following time is going to be the charm."

“Mini” Burgos as boxing enthusiasts call him, has come razor close to winning a world title on two occasions. Last January, in New York, the Mexican slugger was soundly beating Puerto Rico’s Roman Martinez and was the recipient of the worse judging present in years. After 12 rounds the fight was ruled a split draw in addition to that Tijuana fighter was denied the WBO junior lightweight world title.

Many of the boxing media including those doing the HBO telecast found the scoring an abomination.

Offered Burgos, “I have to thank both my promoters, Ken Thompson of Thompson Boxing and Art Pelullo of Banner for having the confidence in me along with my career and Alex Camponovo for guiding me all over way, I additionally really want to thank my trainer Gerardo Espinoza and my manager Roberto Sandoval for always being there in me.

"The entire bunch has given me the opportunity to get to a world title in two occasions and now is my turn to pay them back. I am going to be a world champion and on that day we will have a large celebration because they have been with me throughout the happy and hard times of my career.”

Added Sandoval (Burgos’ manager), “The signing of a new contract is really not the main significance of this event. It's the confidence of our promoters in a young boxer who will be a world champion and now he has to show it in the ring.

"We are thankful because we would like to continue the nice work we started some five years ago and I also know that Juan Carlos can reach all his goals but together aided by the people who really care for him and have been there since the beginning.”

Back in 2010, Burgos was blocked from winning the WBC featherweight world title while challenging Hozumi Hasegawa. That fight held in Nagoya, Japan ended in a unanimous decision in favor of the Japanese boxer.

Burgos, is the nephew of former mini flyweight world champion Victor Burgos, has rattled off some impressive wins while fighting under the promotional banner of Thompson Boxing Promotions and Banner Promotions.

Wins over undefeated Luis Cruz and Cesar Vazquez established Burgos as a force into the 130-pound division. Other notable wins came against Ricardo “Piolin” Castillo and former world champion Cristobal Cruz.

There’s little doubt that Burgos will follow in the footsteps of other Thompson Boxing fighters who achieved world championship status such as Yonnhy Perez and Timothy Bradley. Most people think it’s just a case of time.

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