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Jordan Clayton Vs Arvydas Trizno Ringside Boxing

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Solihull boxer – Jordan Clayton - stepped up to an eight-round Super-Welterweight contest Saturday night and won on points 79-73 to take home the British Classic Challenge belt.

Clayton, trained by Paul Webb (WEBB Boxing), dominated the fight with Lithuanian - Arvydas Trizno, only dropping the last round.

The Errol Johnson (BCB Promotions) dinner show at Birmingham City Central Holiday Inn, featured three under-card bouts.

Full results as follows:

Jordan Clayton (Solihull) v Arvydas Trizno (Laipeda, Lithuania)
8 x 3 Super-Welterweight Contest

Challenge Classic Belt

Both boxers came to the ring and immediately after the bell signalled the start of the contest – the lights in the venue went off! Three or four minutes passed before the lights came back up and fighting resumed.

Clayton landed solid body-punches in the opener with very little coming back from his opponent. Clayton was warned to keep the punches up. Trizno starts to throw a few more punches in round two but it’s another great round for Clayton. He continues to slam in the body-shots but his opponent is still dangerous and there’s lots of ‘chest-beating’ from the Lithuanian (maybe in an attempt to show some dominance?).

In the sixth, Trizno takes a breather to recover from a low blow. Clayton continues to dominate until the eighth and final round where he loses focus and lets Trizno in with some shots.

Clayton wins on points 79-73 to take home the Classic Challenge Belt.

Ikram Hussain (Birmingham) v Liam Wright (Sheffield)
4 x 3 Middleweight Contest

It was a great last round from Hussain who lands some solid punches and good shots to the body. Hussain wins on points 40-35

Mike Cole (Southam, Warwickshire) v Chris Adaway (Plymouth)
4 x 3 Lightweight Contest

Adaway starts off stronger but Cole begins to counter-punch mid-way through the opener and he gains confidence. A great round three sees bags of effort from both men but Adaway walks away with a bloody nose at the end of the round. The Plymouth man has a strong last round to seal a draw 38-38

Luke Heron (Walker) (Birmingham) v Kieron Gray (Telford)
4 x 3 Middleweight Contest

There are solid body-punches coming from Walker, who ‘goes for’ Gray on the ropes at the end of the first round. Experienced Gray ‘goads’ Walker who slams in the body punches in round three. A peach of an uppercut late in the fourth sees the end of a good nights’ work from the Birmingham man who wins on points 40-36

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