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Ringside Boxing: Nathan Heaney Vs Serge Ambomo

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Errol Johnson’s BCB Promotions’ event billed as ‘Stokin the fire’ attracted a big and rowdy crowd on Saturday night – largely made up of Nathan Heaney supporters.

The atmosphere for the main event was fantastic! The packed Kings Hall filled with the sounds of ‘My my my Delilah’ as the standing, singing, crowd watched Heaneys ring walk.

Local man Heaney fought ten hard rounds against tough opponent – Serge Ambomo (Sheffield via Cameroon) to win the points decision 99-93

Ambomo (looking like he’d come out of Rocky 2) threw a number of dangerous right ‘bombs’ which Heaney had to dodge. The Stoke man was on the canvas in the second frame but it was a no-knockdown. In round four he starts to look for counters but despite the huge crowd support – he wasn’t looking happy by the end of the seventh. Ambomo’s gumshield flies out in round nine and the crowd erupts when he releases a punch after the bell.

A thrilling, close, contest sees Heaney retain his Midlands Area Middleweight Title and undefeated record – now at 8 out of 8

Also on the card, Luke Caci (Newcastle-under-Lyme) survived cuts to both brows from head-clashes to win on points 59-56 in his six round Super-Middleweight contest with Darryl Sharp of Middleton.

Always-dangerous Sharp gave Caci a tough fight.

Undercard Results:

Connor Lee Jones (Dudley) v Qasim Hussain (Sheffield) 100th fight
4 x 3 Lightweight Contest

Jones entered the ring to the ‘Peaky Blinders’ theme tune – appropriate, as he could have passed off for a young Tommy Shelby (!)

Hussain was in playful mood as always – but maybe we can forgive the showboating antics on this occasion being his 100th bout. Carl Greaves presented him with a celebratory bottle at the end of the fight.

Jones wins on points 40-36

Amy Timlin (Southam) v Bojana Libiszewska (Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland)
4 x 2 Super-Featherweight Contest

I liked the ‘blokey’ boxing style of Amy Timlin, who dominated over Libiszewska to win a shut-out 40-36 victory. Her Polish opponent was sporting a bloody nose by the end of the fight.

Cole Johnson (Stoke) v Ibrar Riyaz (Reading)
4 x 3 Super-lightweight Contest

Getting great support from the crowd – Johnson was quick and busy to win on points against experienced Riyaz who was clearly not enjoying the fight.

Atal Khan (Stoke) v M.J. Hall (BHill)
4 x 3 Welterweight Contest

Khan notched up a 40-36 points win in this – his second contest.

Connor Parker (Woodville, Derbys) v Lester Cantillano (Gerona, Spain, via Nicaragua)
4 x 3 Super-Lightweight

Parker kept centre-ring while Cantillano circled. Not the busiest of fights – but Parker gets the win 40-36

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