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Josh Groombridge Vs Emmanuel Moussinga Ringside Boxing

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Carl Greaves Promotions and Impact Boxing hosted a night of boxing on Saturday at the Kings Hall, Stoke-on-Trent. Proceedings commenced with the ten-bell salute for Chris Edwards, the former Flyweight and Super-Flyweight champion who suddenly passed away just over a week ago aged 41.

The five-bout card on Saturday night headlined Josh Groombridge v Emmanuel Moussinga, results as follows.

Josh Groombridge (Uttoxeter) v Emmanuel Moussinga (Stourbridge via Cameroon)
8 x 3 Middleweight Contest for the Challenge Belt

Round one started and Groombridge seemed at ease but it all changed in round two when Moussinga subjected him to frenzied flurries of shots at times. Not the tidiest of boxing and there were clinches in between with lots of holding and smothering each other’s shots throughout the contest. Referee Kev Parker pulls them both together to get them to clean it up. Groombridge is caught with a decent head-shot in the closing seconds of the second frame from one such frenzied attack and his nose is bloody. In the third frame, Moussinga keeps up the work-rate.
Groombridge is getting roughed up and his energy seems lacking. Round four and Moussinga is throwing relentlessly, shot after shot, then takes a minute to re-charge then goes at it again. Groombridge throws a wild overarm which just misses. He ends up laying on the canvas – head propped against his own corner post and Ref Parker counts.

Groombridge looks like he may have given up but there’s an almighty roar from the supporting crowd – urging him to get up and he makes it just in time and a second before the bell sounds to end the round.

Groombridge is on the canvas in round seven and seconds later Referee Parker jumps in to stop the fight with Groombridge looking ‘done in’.

Moussinga wins the Challenge Belt by TKO Round 7 and Groombridge suffers his first defeat in seven fights.

Undercard results:

Kaash Buttery (Burslem) v Jamie Quinn (Stockport)
4 x 3 Super-Lightweight Contest

Buttery wins on points 40-36

Liam Beresford (Meir) v Lee Connelly (Killamarsh)
4 x 3 Lightweight Contest

Bezzer scores a points win 40-37.

Jamal Le Doux (Hanley) v Chris Dutton (Sheffield)
4 x 3 Light-Heavyweight Contest

Dutton was on the canvas in round 1 and four times in round 3 before being stopped by Referee Parker as the towel was poised in Dutton's corner.

Le Doux wins by TKO Round 3

Rhasian Earlington (Newcastle-under-Lyme) v Taha Mirhosseini (debut)(Manchester via Iran)
4 x 3 Cruiserweight Contest

Debutant Mirhosseini suffered a first round defeat in his first pro outing at the hands of Earlington who wins by TKO round 1

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