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Preview Analysis: Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo.

This is a must see fight. You’ve got to admire Diego Corrales; he’s riding high at the moment and why not? After successfully moving up in weight and beating Joel Casamayor and then TKO’ing Acelino Freitas to win the WBO world title, he now takes on the best to secure his place in the top ten, pound-for- thumb Castillo Corrales 2 Preview Analysis: Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo.
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pound list. Corrales should also be put on the pound-for-pound hardest punchers list. To say the man can bang is an understatement. In a fight, if all else fails, he has a huge punch that can always turn the tide in his favour. Thirty-two Knockouts from thirty-nine fights says it all. WBC champion Jose Luis Castillo has got to be one of the most overlooked boxers by the general public of all time. Like Antonio Margarito, until recently he seemed to be the forgotten man that only the hardcore boxing community and professional boxers themselves regarded as the best in the division. It’s a mystery why this is when Castillo has come the closest yet to beating Floyd Mayweather, some, well actually, a lot of people, believe that he was robbed. Like Margarito, Castillo is as hard as nails. He can box skilfully as well as fight and his chin seems to have been carved out of granite. But that chin is about to get the ultimate test.

The main common opponents for these two are Joel Casamayor and Floyd Mayweather. Both had a tough time with Casamayor but Mayweather could be the key. Corrales was unceremoniously stopped by Floyd and was made to look like a very average fighter. Another Mayweather victim. Castillo on the other hand pushed Floyd to the limit and beyond, twice. Floyd should watch out, the rumour is that Castillo is going up to light welterweight after this fight. Like that division needs another star!

My Prediction.

I think Castillo will take this one. I’m not underestimating the power of Corrales’ shots, and I believe he hits harder than ever at this weight, but he is going to need a lot more than power to beat Castillo. Corrales did a great job against Freitas, but I personally feel that Castillo is a league above. For me this fight is similar to Cintron vs. Margarito. I don’t think it will end as early as that one, but I see the tough boxer/fighter having too much in his arsenal for the huge puncher.

The Aftermath.

The great thing about the aftermath of this fight is not just that the winner will have secured his place on the pound-for-pound list, but the loser will have no shame whatsoever. It’s going to be like when Barrera and Morales fight, you can’t rubbish the loser. Both men are taking on the hardest fight available to them and with the state of boxing politics today, unlike John Ruiz last week, the loser of this bout will still have several options. the main one being a rematch.

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