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Boxing Interview: Sandy Tsagouris

“She is a five foot five quick, hard hitting, punching machine” described one reporter. “It is a mistake to step in the ring with her. If you don’t believe me all you have to do is see her fight” said another. If you left out the words her, she and five foot five one would think these people were describing a young upcoming heavyweight contender. Yet the fighter they speak of could not be any further from that mental picture, though she has a few traits that do bring out heavyweight excitement.

Sandy “Lil Tyson” Tsagouris 7-1 (3) is a world ranked up and coming female featherweight contender who attacks opponents with all the power, desire and killer instinct that her moniker namesake, former heavyweight kingpin “Iron” Mike Tyson had during his prime. With her professional career only four years in the making Sandy has shown the potential of being a future star of the sport and while she recently suffered her first loss Sandy is not discouraged, she is going to use this as a learning experience and make the necessary improvements and take that next step towards becoming champion.

Saddo Boxing had the chance to interview Sandy before her upcoming bout next month in Ontario, Canada and you can read it here exclusively.

Saddo Boxing: How are you?

Sandy Tsagouris: I’m good, I’m good.

SB: How did you get your start in boxing?

ST: Actually it’s funny I was in ninth grade and we were in a gym class. This boxing club came in and they thought I was in a martial arts class, they said I had a great right hand. I figured I might as well try this since I had tried every other sport.

SB: Will this fight be on television?

ST: I don’t think so, they always try to get it televised, but I don’t think so.

SB: What was your amateur record?

ST: I believe, I had two exhibitions, 23-2 excluding exhibitions.

SB: Are you still a Peter Manfredo fan?

ST: Oh yeah, for sure. It’s just him his boxing and personality. He brings really a positive influence. I don’t like Mayweather Jr. I like his fights, but I don’t like the smack he talks.

SB: Past or present, male or female, who would you like to get into a ring with?

ST: I would love to get back in the ring with Ina Menzer.

SB: That brings me to my next question; was a 19-0 Ina Menzer too much too soon or was that a home-cooked decision?

ST: Uh for me, I believe it was a home-cooked decision. I think I beat her by far. I know every boxer says that, but I really do believe I beat her.

SB: What’s life like for you when you’re not in a ring or training for a fight?

ST: We’re constantly training all year round; we’re never really out of shape. I like to hang out with my friends—just stay mellow.

SB: Who’s your promoter? You’re just over in Canada, I know of a couple guys who put together shows on this side of the river.

ST: We were dealing with Ron Deleon for a while, right now we’re with Steel Promotions in Toronto. We’re trying to veer off it and get something bigger. Obviously the German fight is bigger.

SB: Who are your boxing heroes?

ST: Mike Tyson. I love Mike Tyson. He’s so fierce. He’s was unstoppable at his peak. I must say the first time I watched boxing was De La Hoya and Trinidad. Their speed was just crazy.

SB: How have you reformulated yourself to be more effective next month?

ST: Um, every fight we try and train for different things. I think I just try to fine tune everything. There’s always room for improvement. I’m finally getting rid of the nerves and I feel like I’m coming out of my shell. I’m expecting to get a lot more out of boxing for myself.

SB: What’s your last name from?

ST: It’s Greek.

SB: Anything in closing?

ST: Because I can. I just like to put that out everywhere. Everyone tried to tell me don’t do it. I hope to keep doing it and do it harder.

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